OH, BOTHER: This Bear Cub Got His Head Caught in the Cookie Jar


I mean, it had to happen eventually, right? A bear cub actually had a Winnie the Pooh moment and got his head stuck while trying to grab a sweet treat.

This 6-month old bruin was found in a Ringwood New Jersey tree Friday with an oversized animal cracker jar attached to its head.

Larry Ragonese, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) believes that the bear was digging through the trash, tried eating the remnants of a thrown out cookie jar, got stuck, freaked out and climbed 40 feet up a tree.

cookie bear

The Wanaque Fire Department had to be called as they used a bucket truck to climb up and help get the little black bear down from the tree. The police were even called and helped cast a net under the tree in case the bear fell. They even called Christopher Robin to help talk the bear out of jumping. OK, we made that last part up, but it looks like they took every precaution to safely get this bear down.

The fire department carefully cut the jar off the cubs head, dunked him like an Oreo into some cool water and was taken to a local rehabilitator.

Although a little dehydrated, it seems the bear will be OK.

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Get Caught with Your Hand in a Death Star Cookie Jar


Have you ever needed a way around feeling guilty about how many cookies you’re eating? Thanks to this Death Star Cookie Jar, a self-indulgent midnight journey to appease your gluttony and fuel your own self-loathing can now be turned into an adventurous journey through the galaxy.

What? No? You’re not able to fool yourself  into thinking that opening a cookie jar is basically the same thing as using The Force to guide you into destroying the Death Star? Well, either way it’s a cool decoration for your house. Couple that with the Deathstar Grinder and you just planned your entire Saturday. Boom, progress.

Death Star Cookie Jar, $56 @Firebox

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‘Kitchen Safe’ is the Cruelest, Smartest Cookie Jar Ever

Kitchen Safe

Ever find yourself in a binge battle between you and deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough or Watermelon Oreos? You’re not alone, hungry folk. Sometimes we’ve gotta put the kibosh on our cravings, which is why David Krippendorf created the Kitchen Safe.

This cruel-meets-genius container features a lid that seals shut when the timer on top is set. So let’s say you put in a whole load of cookies and set the countdown to an hour. That means it’ll be 60 grueling minutes until you can stuff your face again. NO COOKIE FO’ YOU.

The Kitchen Safe is hoping to be funded via Kickstarter, so head on over and donate a few bucks. Lawd knows we’ve all got our binging weaknesses.

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Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Am I the only one who ever wondered what it would be like to eat out of a zombie’s head? Other than other zombies, I might be alone with that thought. Regardless, with this Zombie Head Cookie Jar, we now have somewhere to store our edibles that’s not a science fair project from your 3rd grade cousin. No offense to your 3rd grade cousin, I’m sure that cookie jar looks good too. Or was it a vase? ($29.99 @ ThinkGeek)