Golden Spoon: Orange

Elie and I made a quick run to Golden Spoon in Orange the other day. It was a perfect day outside and the yogurt was just as good. Elie makes his combo of frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup magical but getting low-fat syrup, with some extra on the side.


Pic of the Day: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Warning: These brownies cause extreme satisfaction. May complicate weight loss. (Thx Bakerella)

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Golden Spoon: Irvine Spectrum

So Elie and I were in Irvine recently, handling some business for one thing or another… and had some time to burn. We decided to stop at the spectrum to lurk some stores and maybe get a snack. This lead us to Golden Spoon, which probably for both of us is one our favorite spots. Check the pics after the hop and the skip.