These Pop-Up Bread Cutters Will Turn Your Toast Into Cute 3D Animals


Sandwiches bringing you down lately? As delicious as they can be, and trust us, we know, sometimes staring at a slab of bread before you bite into your lunch just doesn’t cut it. Lucky for you, and us, a Japanese company called Torune has decided to elevate the sandwich to new levels of cute and squee.

They created a series of bread cutters and molds, in panda, frog, and little bear face shapes. But this isn’t your regular old cool sandwich shape story. Nope, these cutters turn sandwiches into adorable pop-up figurines.


After you cut your bread, using a little mold that’s literally as simple as a cookie cutter, you can tuck your sandwich to make its body stand up. It’s like the cutest little sandwich watchdog you never realized you needed. Or if you like, you can just cut out the mold and make tiny, animal shaped sandwiches. We won’t judge.



Sandwich Molds, $13.50.
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Make Inappropriate Cookies with these Posable Gingerbread Molds


Forget gingerbread men being confined to the holidays, because these posable cookie cutters put a totally new spin on baking.

The Jay Disco Biscuits Posable Cookie Cutter set comes with interchangeable torsos, legs and arms so that you can create any sort of gingerbread pose and give your cookies a little sass.



To bring your dancing dessert to life, all you need is some icing and a bit of creativity. Feeling some John Travolta à la Saturday Night Fever? Maybe some sweet Kung Fu Bruce Lee moves? Or for the more immature: inappropriate cookies for the next time your family gets together for the holidays. The possibilities are endless.

Jay Disco Biscuits Posable Cookie Cutter, $20 @IWOOT


Tetris Cookie Cutters Feature All 7 Classic Shapes

Tetris is one of those video games that will never, ever go out of style. It’s a staple in the gaming world, but even if you don’t play it on a daily basis, we’ve come across a version that’ll satisfy your inner nostalgia and sweet tooth — Tetris Cookie Cutters.

Complete with seven “Tetrominos,” this aluminum set features all the classic game shapes that fit together to form a perfect square.

The best part is you can bake all your favorite shapes (7 total), so you’re not stuck getting the stupid “T” block when all you need is a long rectangle to win the game. UGH.

Tetris Cookie Cutters, $10 @ThinkGeek

Picthx ThinkGeek


Munchstache Cookie Cutters

For me November means Thanksgiving, family, colder weather and mustaches. The upper lip companion can be seen everywhere this month and cookies are no exception. Munchstache Cookie Cutters, that’s right. Nothing more appetizing than sinking your teeth into some “hairy” treats. This kit comes with five assorted cutters, everything from the classy dad stache to the handlebar one fit for porn star. ($9.99 @ Perpetual Kid)


Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

Ever since Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, the marriage between macabre imagery and the festivities of the holidays seems all but natural in this day and age. This cookie cutter continues that tradition by bringing you gingerdead men cookies home for the holidays. The device hollows out a skeleton onto the gingerbread man shape that you can fill with icing to spook up your cookies during Christmas. ($7 @ ThinkGeek)


Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters

If for some reason you have trouble getting your kids to eat those home-baked cookies of yours, you might want to look into these Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters. With these double-sided cutters, you’ll be able to transform your cookie dough into custom comic books. The set is complete with superheroes, villains and words from the Marvel™ universe.

To create your own cookie, you just arrange your favorite stamps on the dough, combining characters, pictures and colors, and you’ll be eating pages out of classic Spider-Man comics in no time. ($19.95 @ Williams-Sonoma)

Scrapbook Kit includes:

  • 1 comic book cover cutter/stamp.
  • Spider-Man shooting-web stamp.
  • Spider-Man swinging stamp.
  • Green Goblin stamp.
  • Dr. Octopus stamp.
  • 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “CRASH!” on one side and “THWAP!! on the other.
  • 1 double-sided dialogue stamp with “WAHOO!” on one side and “GO WEB GO!” on the other.


Hit-Or-Miss Products

ABC Cookies: Already Been Chewed

Though the holidays are a couple of months away, it’s never too late to make some ABC (Already Been Chewed) Cookies. Buy these cookie cutters at Amazon for $7.83. I am sure these will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Maybe not the headless one, but who cares?