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Arby’s Shakes Up Dessert With A Cookie Butter Milkshake

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While most fast food chains are bringing in Pumpkin Spice beverages for the fall season, Arby’s seems to have taken a different approach. The quick-service sandwich company is rolling out a new milkshake that could easily change the frozen dessert game.

Arby’s new Cookie Butter Shake is made with cinnamon spice and topped with whipped cream and crushed cookie pieces, reports Brand Eating.

You can find the new Cookie Butter Shake available at participating Arby’s locations this fall. It will likely be available until the winter.

New cookie butter shake just the name alone brings me such happiness #Arby’s #cookiebuttershake #delicious

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Cookie Butter OREOs Are Dropping In Stores Next Week And We’re Stoked

Cookie butter is easily one of the hottest ingredients of the past few years. While we’ve seen OREOs go into cookie butter, we have yet to witness cookie butter OREOs. That is, until now.

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Thanks to Delish, we have official confirmation that Cookie Butter OREOs are heading into stores nationwide starting next week. Additionally, Target’s website is already featuring the product on their website, although you can’t purchase it yet. Based on those details, however, we do know that the new cookie creations feature a graham cookie interior and cookie butter creme exterior.

Photo: Target

Food blogger @markie_devo initially launched rumors about these being a thing a couple of months back. However, Delish’s confirmation is a major affirmation that this OREO flavor is happening and imminent. Sadly, it looks like these OREOs are a limited edition flavor. Thus, there will only be a short window of opportunity to snag them before they disappear off shelves.

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Olive Garden Is Infusing Cookie Butter Into Their Newest Cake

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden.

Cookie butter: the wildly popular sweet spread of everyone’s dreams. It was so coveted at Trader Joe’s that they had to limit the amount people could buy at one point. This viral dessert treat has quickly taken over the nation over the past couple of years, and major chains are finally beginning to take notice.

Olive Garden, for example, has taken cookie butter to the next level by incorporating it into a brand new cake. Simply dubbed the Cookie Butter cake, it features layers of vanilla cake and cookies crumbled into a sweet butter. The entire thing is topped off with a caramel drizzle.

If you’re hoping to get a hold of this restaurant take on a viral dessert, it’ll be available nationwide starting next Monday. We’re hoping that this cookie butter treat tastes just as scrumptious as it looks.

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These Foods Are the Modern Day Versions Of Your Favorite 90s Snacks

Every decade has its bests — best fashions, best films, best toys and of course best foods. Imagine back in the 1950s, you could walk down to the corner malt shop, shine a quarter — or a nickel or a dime or whatever — on your overalls ‘til it gleamed, and buy yourself a soda pop.  Now the usual consists of scoping out one of those fancy 100-something-flavor Coke machines and going nuts.

Things have definitely changed throughout the years when it comes to snackage, yet a lot remains the same. We’re essentially enjoying the same things as we were, say, 25 years ago, just with a slight twist. Let’s look into this even further with today’s equivalents of snacks from the world’s most nostalgic decade: the 90s. Here’s what some of your favorite snacks have evolved into. 

Chewy Granola Bar vs. KIND Bar

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

Photo Credit: Jeepers Media

Millions of lucky kids in the 90s enjoyed opening up their lunchboxes every day to find one of three original Chewy Granola Bar flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, or s’mores. Now, the IT-granola bar (yes, there is an IT-granola bar) is the KIND bar, packed with whole grains, seeds, nuts, and lots of cool points.

Even with slightly modernized Chewy bars on the market as well, KIND bars are the fastest growing energy bar.  In 2014 sales of KIND energy bars in all shapes and brands topped $1.2 billion, up 50% from 2010. That’s a lot to chew.

Lunchables vs. Starbucks Bistro Boxes


Like Lunchables, Starbucks Bistro Boxes are appealing in the way they conveniently package all sorts of fun goodies into one little plastic tray. Sometimes they’ll come with crackers and cheese in one compartment, and maybe a little fruit snack in another — fun!

The difference lies in what each brand would choose to include in the compartments. While Lunchables might provide a rich peanut butter cup for dessert, a Bistro Box would give a lighter option like chocolate-covered cranberries. The Bistro Boxes definitely give Lunchables some competition, as they’ve become quite the hit for Starbucks since their 2011 debut.

Hot Fries vs. Veggie Straws

Photo Credit: Graham Holt

Photo Credit: Graham Holt

Both are light, crunchy, and salty, yet one is clearly a bit more health-conscious than the other. Veggie Straws and chips came onto the snack scene in the 2000s and have been climbing the chip charts ever since. Unlike Hot Fries, they allow you to eat healthier, but still get the satisfaction of a proper crunch.

Pretzels vs. Pretzel Chips

Miniature salted pretzels have always been the quintessential party snack, but pretzel chips have pretty much taken over the 2000s. With a completely unique texture and style, Pretzel Chips are a little bit more fashionable to tote around than Rold Gold.

Little Debbie Cakes vs. Trader Joe’s Cookies

Photo Credit: theimpulsivebuy

Photo Credit: theimpulsivebuy

Zebra Cakes, Buddy Bars, Cosmic Brownies, and Oatmeal Creme Pies — music to the ears of every Generation Y’er. Gen Z’s have found their own piece of heaven with Trader Joe’s cookies, especially the Joe Joe’s creme sandwiches, with all its mouth-watering flavors. And who could forget about TJ’s infamous Crunchy Cookie Butter? Experts are saying cookie butter is now the new cookie.


Cookie Butter Lattes FINALLY Replace The Pumpkin Spice Craze, Here’s Where To Find Them


Here at the office, we’re HUGE fans of cookie butter. So imagine our delight when the wave off Pumpkin Spice food items have simmered down and brought for these new Cookie Butter options.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has released two new Cookie Butter drinks for the holiday season. The first is a Cookie Butter Ice Blended beverage that features brown sugar and gingerbread. Then, there’s the Cookie Butter Latte that is made with espresso, brown sugar, gingerbread and topped with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Along with the new Cookie Butter drinks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will also bring back other holiday favorites. This includes Winter Dream Tea Latte, Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa.

The drinks will be available through the holiday season.

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[FIRST LOOK] Trader Joe’s Has Bite-Sized Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecakes


Speculoos Cookie Butter has quickly become one of the most synonymous brands to Trader Joe’s. Seasonally, Speculoos releases a Cookie Butter Cheesecake made by a bakery in Chicago, packaged and distributed to Trader Joe’s stores. Now, it looks like we’re getting smaller bites for those who can’t commit to a full cheesecake.

They’re called, and it’s a mouthful, Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites.

The bites are made with slow-cultured cream cheese, Belgian gingerbread cookie crust and sweet cream from cows untreated with rBST hormones. They’re cut into 12 bite-sized pieces and packaged for convenient snacking.


When we heard these were hitting stores, our first instinct was to head to the Trader Joe’s site to see if they looked any good. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s usually doesn’t go too deep into product shots outside of packaging. Luckily, we had some time to run to our local store and pick some up.



At $4.49 for a package of 12, the bites can be found in the freezer aisle of your local Trader Joe’s. No word yet on whether this will be seasonal, like its predecessor, or is here to stay permanently.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to grab some cheesecake and finish this season of House of Cards before someone spoils the ending.

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Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling a Cookie Butter Cheesecake


Speculoos Cookie Butter spent the better part of 2013 and 2014 as one of the top-selling Trader Joe’s items.

Now the folks at Trader Joe’s are piggybacking off the fandom by contracting a family-owned cheesecake company to make an exclusive Trader Joe’s-branded Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake.

Trader Joe’s describes their new product:

It begins with a Speculoos-cookie-crumb crust that’s topped with a rich cheesecake crafted with slow-cultured cream cheese and sweet cream. Once baked, a topping of Speculoos Cookie Butter is spread onto the cake by hand. It’s the finishing touch that separates this cheesecake from every one that came before it. It’s unique. And, it’s only at Trader Joe’s.

Each 7.5-inch diameter cheesecake will be selling for roughly $6.99 and is available in their freezer aisle.

Here are some more money shots:


photo via BrandEating


photo via BrandEating


photo via BrandEating


The God-Honest Truth Behind Cookie Butter


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