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Universal Cookbook Teaches You Recipes Without Any Words

James Beard once said that “Food is a common ground. A universal experience.” Whether or not you speak the same tongue, it’s safe to say that anyone can enjoy a well-cooked meal made from the soul.

As a innovative way to bridge communication barriers when sharing recipes, a Kickstarter campaign has begun for the Look Cook Book — the first cookbook created in a universal language.

The idea behind the cookbook is to be able to share recipes between anyone regardless of dialect through the use of minimalistic imagery and directions.

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Each recipe features an icon with the ingredient, its measurements, the action needed, and process time for that action. Honestly, it’s pretty quick to pick up — even at a glance. Recipes include Cheesecake, Risotto, Sesame Chicken, Paneer Saag, and Thai Chicken, with the dishes ranging across several levels of difficulty.

The recipes are also designed so that they can be made for under $1.50 a portion.

As of this writing, the campaign has reached $2,709 out of their $5,465 goal. If funded, the Look Cook Book will be available in both paperback and interactive digital form.

Those looking to fund the Look Cook Book can find out more information on the campaign page.


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5 Cookbooks Based On Popular TV Shows & Movies You Need To Check Out

One thing we’ve noticed when laying in bed and binging on a television show or movie series for hours on end is how appetizing fictional foods look when you’re hungry and adamant about not leaving your room.

It can’t be helped until the binge runs its course.

Once it does, however, you might want to check out these five cookbooks based on popular television series and movie franchises.

While some of these book are given the official seals of approval by the actual creators, others are more light-hearted parodies. Regardless, all of the instructional tomes are in the spirit of the fictional worlds they represent.

Check them out below! Each features an Amazon link in case your interest is piqued.

Bob’s Burgers Cookbook


Fascinated by the “Burger Of The Week” from the popular animated FOX series? In a collaboration with Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard and the show’s other writers, the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook will teach you how to bring the punny burgers from the cartoon to life.

Game of Thrones


While we anxiously await the arrival of Winter, we find ourselves eager for anything Game of Thrones related to keep us satiated until the new season. If you’ve ever wonder what they ate at King’s Landing, or what consisted of a traditional Dothraki meal, this cookbook will explore those dishes.

Harry Potter


Sure, you can check out Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter if you want to try some of Britain’s most magical dishes, or you can just go home and make them for yourselves. Recipes include the franchise’s famous Butterbeer along with many staples of the wizarding community.

Star Wars


How hyped are you guys for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? If you plan on hosting a Star Wars-themed party to get into the spirit of the upcoming film, you’re gonna want to check out this cookbook.

Wookie cookie, anyone?

Breaking Bad


Ready to cook? Sure Breaking Bad has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop baking. This parody cookbook, titled Baking Bad, shows you the wonders of baking with recipes from the show that brought Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul critical acclaim.

Just a heads up, it won’t teach you how to make actual blue meth.


Geek Cook Book: Overclock Your Oven!

This is more than just a cook book, ladies and gentlemen. This is a DIY handbook for the culinarily inclined filled with information such as the in-depth chemistry involved in the art of cooking. The book also features some interesting life-hack techniques like overclocking your oven to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

There are more than a variety of recipes ranging from sweet desserts to savory entrees including chocolate chip cookies and duck confit. Perhaps most importantly, the book provides insight to invaluable chemical reactions that help explain how particular flavors in food are achieved. Any foodie with a stomach and a brain can easily find something of interest stowed away in this nerdy culinary compendium. ($21 @ Amazon)


Angry Birds Cook Book

What exactly made those birds so angry anyway? Oh yeah! Those rotten pigs are stealing their eggs! Now you get to see just what those bad little piggies are doing to aggravate those birds so. This cook book holds a number of delicious egg-based recipes with nomenclature that faintly echoes the absurdity of hurling birds at precariously placed building material. The cook book also features a fair number of angry birds illustrations to compliment the dish you intend to make while making a few nods to the mobile game source material. Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes.

($7.49 @ Amazon)


Ron Paul Family Cook Book

2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul promotes his campaign in the same way that most presidential candidates do, which is by publishing a book. The only difference is that most presidential candidates don’t publish a cook book to serve that purpose. Not Ron Paul though. He’s a maverick — he’s throwing out all the rules about presidential campaign promotion and down home cooking all at once!

In all seriousness though, the Paul family are known for releasing their family cook books and this new book arriving in 2012 will feature 28 new Paul family recipe. The book also includes a brief family history of the Pauls written by Ron’s wife, Carol Paul, entitled “The American Dream.”

($8 @ RonPaul2012 /via HuffPo)