The LGBT Empire Strikes Back: ‘Best Gay Bar in the World’ Releases the ‘Chick-For-Gay’ Sandwich

That’s it. The gloves are comin’ off.

Adding to the already massive pro-vs.-anti-gay outcry inspired by Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy’s controversial Baptist Press interview, West Hollywood California’s Abbey Food & Bar has just released its new chicken sandwich, cutely dubbed the “Chick-for-Gay”.

Named the “Best Gay Bar in the World” by MTV two years running, The Abbey promises that 100% of the proceeds made from the sandwich’s sales will go to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, according to the press release.

The $5, eight ounce sandwich features a breaded boneless chicken breast, served with pickles on a toasted buttered bun, and is set to be available through presidential elections this November.

The Abbey’s founder David Cooley explains:

With the upcoming election, even our lunch choices are a political statement. If corporations have the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on an agenda of hate, we as an LGBT business community have to spend money supporting Marriage Equality,” he said. “If corporations have the same free speech rights as people, the people have to exercise their First Amendment right at the cash register by patronizing businesses that support our agenda and stop giving money to those that oppose equality.

On the event page for today’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made a similar point by asking attendees to come out to their local franchise to “support free speech.”

The Chick-fil-A Company thus far hasn’t thrown itself for or against either side of the most recent flame wars, except to say that it is not responsible for their promotions. In fact, it has been suggested that since the beginning of the PR firestorm, the company has been trying to save face and lie low, but it seems like not everyone is so willing to let them off the hook.

Since the infamous interview was released about two weeks ago, consumer approval for the chicken chain has gone down, according to information released by polling site YouGov.

The business world has seen what happens when an organization supports the LGBT community — which is that the LGBT community and its allies will support it,” Director of News and Field Media at GLAAD Aaron McQuade said. “Now we have empirical proof of what happens when a company rejects the LGBT community. The LGBT community and its allies will reject it.

Looking back to two weeks ago, it seems a bit hard now to swallow the fact that so much political outrage and gravity can be attributed to eating a measly chicken sandwich, but as long as this whole affair is still going strong, might as well enjoy the show.

A recent video parody by Funny or Die features actor John Goodman dressed as KFC’s Colonel Sanders jumping at the chance to promote his own chicken chain as gay-friendly—or at the very least, purely and unapologetically capitalistic:

“Hell I don’t actually give a shit,” Goodman/Sanders slyly admits near the clip’s end, “Gay or not, you’re just a bunch of big old money mounds…” As we rightly should be.

God Bless America.

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Nude Pictures of Dream Water Executive Surface on Revenge Porn Site

Dream Water has had quite a past few months. The CEO and COO were featured on the cover of Entreprenuer magazine’s quarterly Startup issue, and even had a rather favorable review by us earlier this month.

The developers of the relaxation shot have somehow found a way to create a drink that helps you relax, reduce anxiety and induces sleep. Funniest part about the situation…Vincent Porpiglia, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, is going to be needing a lot of his own product pretty soon, once he notices his self-shot nude photos have surfaced on the Internet.

The photos which involve a few mirror shots of the scantily-clad Porpiglia, are also rounded out by several Blackberry photos of his genitalia. Porpiglia’s penis shots were brought to light by revenge porn site [VERY NSFW], a site that boasts and curates user-submitted photos of nudes from angry exes (if you want to find the photos, just search their site).

[He] obviously didn’t make Smart Water. — Hunter Moore

IAU’s founder Hunter Moore always has some funny/harsh quips to supplement the photos that get submitted his way. For Vincent Porpiglia, he gets the royal Hunter treatment.

Not sure who submitted these particular nudes, but unless he took them as some form of weird, new age marketing tactic, we’re going to assume Vincent has a very angry ex out there. That’s pure speculation of course.