US Stores To Sell DIY Phở Kits From All-Natural Food Company


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No more long lines. No more treks to your not-at all-close-to-you-but-totally-worth-the-trip ph spot. The glasses-steaming, miraculous cure-all soup is coming to your refrigerator, all thanks to Canyon Creek Food Company.

You probably haven’t heard of Canyon Creek since it’s a food processor and distributor based in Canada. And when was the last time you remembered things about Canada? While you’ve tormented yourself trying to reconcile the country’s contradictory offerings to the world (re: Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling), Canyon Creek has cranked out tons of all natural, preservative-free soups. They’re ready to up Canada’s ante by releasing their Vietnamese Ph Bò Viên Soup in Los Angeles, California.

The company’s first baby steps into the US bring a fresh soup kit containing broth, meatballs, fresh noodles, sriracha chili sauce and hoisin sauce. Sure, it’s BYOHV (Bring Your Own Herbs and Veggies), but this kit shrinks down the typically day-long process of cooking ph.


Screenshot 2016-01-08 at 1.53.53 AM

Certified organic by Quality Assurance International, Canyon Creek’s products are taking convenience out of cans and Lean Cuisine boxes, and giving you some semblance of control. Think of their kits like Lunchables for adults who are allowed to use the stove. Instead of chemicals and a day’s worth of calories and sodium, however, you’re following a recipe with pronounceable ingredients.

Though transparent about their food, the company is pretty tight-lipped about the major retailer who’s made their US debut possible. Their social media profiles hint at a Costco partnership,  so you’ll likely find their kits at your local bulk store. The Los Angeles launch is meant to build brand awareness, but their ph kits should reach your neck of the woods within a few months.

Considering Canyon Creek also makes a bevy of sauces and solid entrees, we’re hoping this phở lives up to the hype. If it does, it might be time to learn another line of “Oh, Canada.”

Fast Food

Pizza Hut’s New Plan Is To Focus On Convenience Instead Of Quality


Last year, Pizza Hut put all their effort into making customizable pizzas that suited each customer’s needs. You could choose between a variety of different toppings, crust flavors, sauces and even drizzles. Now, it looks like Pizza Hut will flip it all around and focus on convenience rather than quality.

The New York Times reports that Pizza Hut will be working to make their pies easier to buy for customers. Because “easy” beats “better,” it seems.

Inspired by Uber’s model, Yum Brands chief executive Greg Creed told investors that he now believes convenience trumps quality. Creed wants to make sure that pies coming from Pizza Hut will be easy to pay for, easy to make and easy to keep track of. The pizza brand will probably begin focusing their efforts on mobile ordering as well as delivery this year.


This Belgian Vending Machine Pops Out Fresh Fries in 90 Seconds


Convenience is getting a little out of control.

First we had the Champagne Vending Machine in Berlin. Then we saw a Beer Vending Machine in Bulgaria. I’m beginning to think that Europe is trying to get weird vending machines to be a thing.

Not to be outdone, Belgium is boasting the world’s first coin operated vending machine that cranks out fresh frites. Unlike other European on-demand-frite-machines, this Brussels based device are cooked up in hot beef fat vs. vegetable oil, making them a possible threat to street vendors.

Add your €2.50 (aka $3.36) to the machine and in a quick 90 seconds you’ll have hot frites served in a paper cup, accompanied by a fork and topped with your choice of mayonnaise or ketchup. We just have one minor hang-up: the triple filter system inside the machine was designed to cut the sweet smell of potatoes frying. C’mon now, guys, where’s the fun in that?

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Fast Food Purse Frees Up One Hand for Activities

to-go packaging

Fast food is not as easy as it sounds. One of the worst parts is having to carry a rolled-up, handle-less, greasy paper bag in one hand and a giant, slippery cup of soda in the other. You’re completely incapacitated until you reach your destination, and by then you’ve only sucked down half your drink, while the food gets colder every second.

No more! A new to-go packaging design could revolutionize (we’re serious, guys) the very system we rely on for quick, cheap eats. Simply slide your fries and hamburger into designated slots in this cardboard purse, slip the cup into the hole at the bottom, fold and grab by the handles and get on with your life.

But, uh, can I Super-Size that?

H/T First We Feast + PicThx Funri


Keyboard With Built-In Plate Is Convenience Genius

I need one of these in my life. A keyboard that lets you eat in blissful convenience is a necessity to every modern day techie that spends at least 24 hours of the day at their computer. Because, let’s get real, how many times have you nonchalantly eaten a sandwich while simultaneously typing away, only to have a shower of crumbs ruthlessly spill into the tiny cracks between the keys? Or, more importantly, there’s the dilemma of not having enough space to work and eat — your desk having room for only your keyboard or plate of food. This is where the Keyboard Plate comes into play, featuring a built-in plate that also works as a keyboard protector. It’s the epitome of convenience, theoretically dishwasher safe and the solution to all of life’s problems. Theoretically.


keyboard with built in plate

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