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Here Is How To Win An Avocado Grove in Mexico For Free

Do you put avocado on everything like I do? Have you ever thought about owning an avocado grove? I know you’ve at least said yes to one of these questions. If you’ve said yes to both, then tomorrow being National Avocado Day must be marked on your calendar.

In celebration of this amazing fruit, Chosen Foods, the world’s largest supplier of avocado oil, is giving one lucky fan the chance to win their very own avocado grove in Jalisco, Mexico or $5,000 in cash.

This is an avo-maniac’s dream come true. Avocados are native to Mexico, originating more than 10,000 years ago. The ideal conditions of Mexico make for the amazing avocados we enjoy here in the states. If you’re an avocado enthusiast and/or wanna try your luck at scoring $5000, visit The winner will be announced tomorrow on Chosen Foods’ social media channels, and on its website.

Quick thing to note, as I’ve read the fine print of the contest: basically, if you choose the land as the prize, they have 120 days to get it to you, but they choose the land — and you have to pay for all expenses, which includes all taxes, maintenance, regulations and licenses, etc. They literally just provide the land. Which is dope if that’s all  you need. They don’t say you have to plant avocados on the land either so that’s also good depending on the land that’s chosen.

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Vlogger Puts McDonald’s Monopoly Game Odds To The Test, Here’s What He Found

Every year, McDonald’s rolls out their infamous Monopoly game. The fast food chain says that every one in five customers comes out a winner during the promotional event.

YouTuber Furious Pete, the dude that ate his way through a Canadian Costco, decided to test this for himself. In an experiment to see exactly how accurate McDonald’s one in five claim really is, Pete visits his local Golden Arches and orders 100 large French fries.

Once he takes the massive order of fries home, he sits down and peels each and every ticket from his order. Each fry container has two.

Though he didn’t win anything big, Pete discovered that the one winner in every five claim was pretty far from accurate. In fact, he says it was more like one in every nine.

Over the years, we’ve accepted that we’ll never win McDonald’s million dollar prize or a fancy car giveaway. We’re content enough getting the occasional burger or small fries. Still, for those who play the Monopoly sweepstakes passionately, here’s your answer.

Wonder what this dude’s going to do with all those fries?

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For 10 Lucky People, Lucky Charms Will Be Giving Away Rare Boxes Of All-Marshmallow Cereal

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Box

As long as Lucky Charms cereal has existed, there have been legends of a box made entirely of marshmallows. For a kid on a sugar high, a box of all-marshmallow Lucky Charms can literally be compared to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now, Lucky Charms says that 10 boxes exist.

General Mills announced that consumers will be able to win themselves one of the 10 rare boxes of Lucky Charms featuring nothing but marshmallow pieces. What they need to do is take a photo of themselves holding an “imaginary” box of Lucky Charms and post it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) between Oct. 14 through Oct. 18. The hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes must also be used.

But let’s let Biz Markie tell you what’s up.

Typically, a normal box would feature an abundance of wheat cereal pieces with about a few handfuls of marshmallow pieces to balance out the flavor. We remember picking each piece out individually and eating them all at once in a smaller, sugary bite.

If you’ll excuse us, we have some Lucky Charms to try to win.




You Can Win A Goat Cheese Farm By Writing An Essay


If you’ve ever wanted to own a fully-functioning goat cheese farm, here’s your chance. An Alabama couple is apparently accepting essays to decide who will inherit their goat cheese farm complete with 85 goats. Doesn’t sound to baaaaad, right?

The farm will come with all the tools and equipment one needs to profit from the farm.

It seems the couple plans to move to Costa Rica to build even more goat farms as a way to help the needy. While they initially tried to sell the Alabama property, they discovered most folks can’t afford the $350,000 cost.

After running the idea through a lawyer, the couple has begun taking essays from anyone who cares to explain what they’d do with the farm. Their current goal is $2,500 to cover the rest of the mortgage on the house and hope to give the new owner $20,000 for start-up costs.

The couple believes debt is the worst thing you can have as a farmer. Before jetting off to Costa Rica the farmers say they plan to hang around a bit to help the new owners get the hang of running a goat cheese farm.

Anyone interested can enter here. All you need is a persuasive essay and a $150 entry fee.



Delta Airlines Now Serves Starbucks on Every Flight


Delta Airlines announced today that Starbucks coffee will be served on all of its flights worldwide because properly caffeinating disgruntled customers seems likes a logical business plan.

The airline first partnered with Starbucks in 2013, serving the brand’s coffee on a few domestic flights. On February 1, the company began serving both the staple Pike Place Roast and an Italian Roast Decaf on all 1,270 planes in its fleet.

Mike Henny, Delta’s director of customer experience (I laughed too), was excited about taking “another step to improve the travel experience.” In the race for excellent customer travel experiences, Delta is a stone’s throw away from the starting line, but it’s hosting a contest for those of you comfortable with mediocrity.

You might not have your bags when you land, but at least you’ll have your coffee. Probably. Maybe.

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Canada To Finally Get Bacon Poutine-Flavored Potato Chips


We were so surprised not to see this flavor in the running for last year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Canada edition, but we’re happy to report all has been set right in the world. That’s right, Canada is finally getting poutine-flavored potato chips.

From tomorrow through October, chip-munching Canadians will get to vote between four new crowdsourced flavors for this year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest, and they’re pretty much as diverse as ours. Jalapeño Mac’N’Cheese, Tzatziki, Cinnamon Bun, and Bacon Poutine all make an appearance, with the mac and tzatziki flavors available in the special textures of wavy and kettle-cooked, respectively.

Perhaps we might be able to make some sort of arrangement with our Canadian readers, one bag of Bacon Poutine for one of Wasabi Ginger? Whaddya say, eh?

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


This ‘Paper Anniversary’ Cocktail Tastes Like Cold, Hard, Cash Money


The secret to winning a cocktail contest may be money. No, we’re not talking about bribing any judges or fixing a win. We’re talking about the winning cocktail from this year’s Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition. The winner, Remy Savage of the Little Red Door in Paris, made a drink inspired, you guessed it, by what money might taste like.

The winning drink, called the Paper Anniversary, has just three ingredients: gin, a saline solution, and paper syrup. What is paper syrup you may ask? Savage took the smell of paper, then translated it into an array of tastes including a basic sugar syrup, vanilla, fresh cut grass, gentian root, Suze liqueur, and 10-year-old scotch for some woodiness.

The drink apparently really tastes like paper, with “grassy vanilla” notes that faded into “woody dryness” on the tongue. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or bad, but tell us, would you sip this elixir of money?

H/T + PicThx Alcademics

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Ugh, Cappuccino Lay’s Now Exist


We’re sure it started as a joke at first, but now we have to live with the consequences. From late July through October, this year’s round of test flavors for Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest will make their way to stores, assaulting Instagram feeds and tastebuds with such infuriatingly intriguing novelties as Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa, Wasabi Ginger, and, yes, Cappuccino. Ugh, you can’t just, like, not try them.

Like last year, the four finalists were chosen from crowd submissions over the past few months, and the winner will receive either $1 million, or one percent of the winning flavor’s sales, whichever is higher. Unlike last year, the new test flavors will also be available in different varieties of Lay’s chip: “Kettle Cooked” for the Wasabi Ginger and “Wavy” for the Mango Salsa.

Also, if last year’s competition was any indication, we can expect 1) it’ll be super-difficult to find all four flavors, 2) only two of the flavors will taste anything like they’re supposed to, and 3) the most boring one will win. Here’s looking at you, Mango Salsa.