This Egg Carton is Made Entirely From Hay


For those of us not quite cut out for the farm life, but still love Charlotte’s Web’s rustic antiquities (the happier parts), there’s this Pinterest-worthy gem: an egg carton made from actual hay. The carton was Maja Szczypek’s submission for the 2013 Make Me! contest, a Polish competition that invites young designers to create nifty things.


These “Happy Eggs” cartons were made by molding hay in a hot press. The design is equal parts adorable and sustainable, and even the label uses as little paper as possible.


Note: These are not for sale. So, maybe postpone that brunch until they start shipping these ingenious containers to the US.

PicThx  Behance


This Mold-Detecting Bowl Saves Your Fruit, Bananas Everywhere Rejoice

fruit bowl detects moldIt’s hard to know when fruit is at its peak. One day, it’s solid and unripe. The next, it magically transforms into mush. Wait too much longer and you’ll have blue fuzzy mold on your hands, or worse, buzzy fruit flies.

Offering a solution to wastefulness, design student Jagjit Chodha created a fruit bowl that detects mold before it grows. The bowl’s attached sensors detect elevated levels of ethylene (gas emitted as fruits mature or “ripen”), and a light on the sensor will tell you when to hurry up and eat those puppies before they go bad.

This handy fruit container was created for the Made In Brunel Show at London’s Brunel University. While it’s not available for sale, we sure hope to see it on shelves someday. Until then, we’ll have to rely on our good ol’ guessing skills to know the average life span of a banana.

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Cup-A-Cake Cupcake Holder

If you’re a cupcake aficionado, you know how hard it is to carry a single cupcake around without causing a mess. In the case a cupcake’s life cycle, it’s one of those rarities in the foodie spectrum that needs to stay upright from baking to consumption, so how can you just throw your cute cupcake into your backpack without everything falling apart? Oh, that’s right, a Cupcake Holder. This badboy stays closed and uses six interior prongs to hold the cupcake in place so it comes out looking as sexy as it did going in (unless it looked terrible going in, if so, you’re up shit’s creak without a paddle).

The unit measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ and is one of the most ridiculous pieces of tupperware I’ve ever laid my eyes on. ($6 @ FredFlare)