For TWO Crazy Days, 7-Eleven Is Letting Everyone Bring Their Own Cups To Fill With Slurpees


Who: 7-Eleven

What: The convenience store chain is letting customers, once again, bring their own slurpee containers to fill up on the sweet slush. For $1.50, you can bring any receptacle of your choosing and fill it to the brim with your favorite flavor.

This includes that BB-8 sippy cup you picked up from Disneyland, your favorite coffee mug, or even a fish bowl tank. Here are some of the rules you gotta follow:


Get creative and share your cup with the hashtag #BYOCupDay.

Where: All 7-Eleven locations in the United States.

When: March 18 and March 19 between 11 am – 7 pm.

Fast Food

McDonald’s New Zealand Intrigues with 4-in-1 Stackable Packaging


Remember how KFC was trying to change the world by introducing their cup holder-fitted Go-Cups? Well, McDonald’s New Zealand just trumped that on 4 different levels.

The chain posted the above photo to their Facebook page, posing the question, “McGenius?” The curious prototype is a juxtaposition of a warm hamburger stacked on top of a cold drink, which is further stacked with a fry compartment that also doubles as a condiment container. While this ambitious packaging aims to be as clever as it is functional, it falls short in the latter department.

Stacking a hot sandwich on top of a cold drink creates an enviroment prone to condensation, melting ice, and undesirable leakage, the Consumerist critiques. As for the top-heavy fry and condiment layer, it makes for very precarious attachment that would topple like a pile of Jenga blocks if jostled.

Alas! Perhaps we’re just being Debbie downers and the possibility of being able to nibble on your burger and fries while sipping on soda at the same damn time is simply too glorious for us to digest at the moment. Perhaps.

Picthx McDonald’s New Zealand


Bento Box of Mason Jars Cleverly Separates Wet and Dry Foods


Not-so-secret hipster that I am, I love packing snacks in mason jars. Granola and yogurt, salad and dressing, and mixed nuts and applesauce, are a few of my favorite combos. But what always drove me nuts was ending up with soggy cereal, limp lettuce, and slimy peanuts as a result of everything mixing together.

Thankfully Cuppow has created the BNTO (pronounced ben-toh and named after the simple Japanese compartment boxes) which allows you to separate your wet ingredients from your dry.


Says Cuppow:

Canning jars are designed to store food safely and make an awesome lunchbox: they are easy to clean, cheap, and you can microwave them! The only problem is that sometimes the foods that taste the best together don’t travel well together. So we took inspiration from Japanese bento boxes and created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ.

The reusable plastic cup nestles gently into a filled jar and is sealed with the jar’s cap. It only costs $7.99 and is available on cuppow.

H/T Core 77 + PicThx cuppow

Fast Food

KFC Releases Unique Take-Out Containers Made to Fit Your Car’s Cup Holder


KFC is catering to our never-ending quest for convenience and has “officially upgraded snacking” with their new KFC Go Cups. The method behind this Go-Cup madness? Apparently, according to this infographic via KFC, the chain thinks America’s cup holders aren’t reaching their full potential.


Yes, the struggle is real. Looking to solve this national crisis, KFC created the Go Cup — plastic take-out containers featuring a cup designed to fit snugly in most cup holders, allowing for easy in-car, on-the-go grubbing.


Guests will be able to customize their Go Cups with seasoned potato wedges alongside one of the five options: a piece of Original Recipe Boneless chicken, a Chicken Little sandwich, two Extra Crispy Tenders, three Hot Wings or four Original Recipe Bites. A divider found inside the Go Cup keeps the chicken separate from the wedges and the entire shebang will set you back $2.49.



Hedgehog Toothpick Holder is as Unnecessary as it is Cute

hedgehog 1

We know, we know. It’s awful not having a place to artfully, adorably arrange your toothpicks, preventing guests at your catered estate gala from having access to your truffle-stuffed, gold-plated olives. First world problems. We know.

Solution: The Hedgehog Toothpick Holder. You load this thing up with some toothpicks, tuck it on the edge of your bowl, and it just stares at you, begging you with its adorable painted eyes to go ‘head! Have one more cheese ball. For me?

How can you say no to that? How can you — oh, wait, it also wants $25 dollars?

Who even uses toothpicks anymore? It’s 2013. We should be free to have spinach in our teeth, dammit.

hedgehog 2

hedgehog 3

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder $25 @ holycool

H/T Incredible Things


Check Out This Badass Ketchup Dispenser


This Ketchup Presser is an ingenious little invention that lets you squeeze out a ketchup packet using the same container that’s holding your fries. Gone are the days where you were caught in a dilemma of “worrying about contamination through the paper mats or soiled ketchup pillow packs,” claims Yanko Design.

Simply, fold, squeeze, dip & eat. Although, here’s a fun lil’ video to show you how it’s done:


H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Yanko Design


Glass Tommy Gun Container For All Your Consumable Storage Needs

Whether you’re hoarding that precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a couple party packs of Skittles or a horde of pistachios this Glass Tommy Gun will do the trick in the most extravegant of styles. The 18″ tall transparent glass gun holds about 22 oz. of liquid and comes with a cork in the end of the barrel to keep things from getting, dare I say…messy. If you’re not into using it to hold anything edible or drinkable, you can use it as a fun-looking vase…or if you take this product literally, you can use it as…dare I use another terrible mafia pun…an urn. ($34.95 @ McPhee)