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For The First Time In Over 60 Years, Guinness Will Open A New Brewery In The US


Drink up, everyone! The United States will be getting their own version of Guinness’ iconic Open Gate Brewery that’s located in Ireland.

Guinness’ parent company Diageo announced that it will open a brand-new facility in the United States, the first new Guinness brewery in the country in 63 years. The company plans to build a mid-sized Guinness brewery and Guinness visitor experience with an innovation microbrewery at the current site in Relay, Maryland.

The brand’s stouts will continue to be made in Ireland, however, as the new facility will produce beers specifically for the US markets.

Tom Day, President of Diageo Beer Company, said in a statement:

Opening a Guinness brewery and visitor center in the US will enable us to collaborate with fellow brewers and interact with the vibrant community of beer drinkers. Given the success of our Open Gate Brewery in Dublin and the popularity of beer tourism in the US, we are confident that Americans will welcome the opportunity to come experience Guinness brewing in Baltimore County.

Construction is slated to begin sometime in spring 2017 as plans are being finalized. The company is shooting to have the new brewery open in fall 2017, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Guinness beer first being imported to the US.


Here’s What Crystal Skull Vodka Looks Like With a Face


If you’ve ever wondered what that Crystal Skull Vodka bottle would look like with skin, er, look no further. When a group of forensic scientists found a bottle at their liquor store, they  knew exactly what they had to do, for society’s sake. So they added some faux skin and performed a facial reconstruction to see the man behind the bottle.

The results are pretty astonishing.


The project involved adding on several layers of fake muscle and body mass before a realistic form took shape. The laughing drunk with a bottle coming out of his head is a little disturbing, but hey, anything for science.

We just have one question: what inspired those lovely flowing locks? It’s a hairdo any Disney Princess would envy.


Picthx Crystal Head Vodka


Meet the ‘Candroid’ – Moving R2-D2 made of Canned Foods

If you’ve never heard of the annual San Francisco Canstruction competition… well, actually, then you’re probably in the majority. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t missing out — because you are.

The event featured an actual moving R2-D2 “Candroid” made of tuna and corn. Pretty awesome, seeing as the last time we ever did something this cool with tuna and corn was… never.

The best part of this whole thing (aside from, you know, the charity portion where Canstruction donates all food used in the entered sculptures to local food banks) is that there were other entries, including a partially destroyed Death Star (stewed tomatoes, canned soup and tuna?)

You guys. Let’s overhaul that new Star Wars movie and make everything out of food.

H/T Incredible Things


Fantastic Four Inspires Fantastic Pumpkin Carving

Note: ‘Carving’ might be a little generous here, but considering the size of this thing, we’ll let it slide.

Tired of all those wimpy pumpkin carvings only using one pumpkin? Are you sick of seeing Jack-o-Lanterns restricted to porch steps, all tiny and lit by a single candle? Do you want your pumpkin sculptures to be both intimidating and scantily clad?

Look no further than this beast: a life-size, eleven-pumpkin, light-up Jack-o-Lantern in the form of The Thing from Fantastic Four.


Created by Reddit’s wizardtig, this guy stands at an impressive 6’4″ and is built on a wood-and-chicken-wire frame, towering over all those other sad, tiny Jack-o-Lanterns, probably bellowing in pumpkin-speak, something like, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

Because, you know…it’s The Thing.

Source/Photo Credit Obvious Winner