7-Eleven Giving Away 58 Xbox Ones


In a genius attempt to get you to drink Slurpees this winter, 7-Eleven is giving customers a chance to win an Xbox now ’til Jan. 2.  The chain is giving away 58 Xbox One Entertainment systems, with a chance for guests to win one every day. The kicker? These gaming systems aren’t even available for purchase until at least November 22.

To enter, would-be gamers need to collect and log codes found on Slurpee cups, and redeem them for points on Each Xbox One entry requires at least two Slurpee Rewards Points, and guests can use their points to enter up to five times a day. Guests also have the option to save up points to win Xbox “Instant Win” prizes such as gaming memberships and gift cards.

Ultimately, this is all to promote the newest Slurpee flavor: Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry Blast. Think it will be worth the brain freeze?