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Watch A Michelin Star-Rated Top Chef Master Teach You How To Prepare Seafood

For Chef Michael Cimarusti of the lauded Providence and Connie & Ted’s, breaking down seafood has become second nature at this point. Now when that talent has translated into having one of the few Michelin-starred restaurants in Los Angeles and recognition as a Top Chef Master, then you know that Chef Cimarusti is singular in it.  What’s more, Cimarusti has been an avid advocate for sustainable seafood for quite some time.

So when we had the concept of creating the proper utilitarian video teaching the average home cook just how to properly break down and prep different kinds of seafood, Chef Cimarusti was our top choice to spearhead that tutorial. Helping him run the show is Chef Brandon Gray, culinary director at Cape Seafood and Provisions.

Watch as they drop gems on how to best break down and prepare various seafood like crab, fish, lobster, and shrimp. With a video like this, you’ll definitely be upping your seafood dish repertoire at home.