Gordon Ramsay Has The Best Reason For Catching The Ugliest Fish Ever

Last week, Gordon Ramsay took us noodling — also known as catfishing — in Oklahoma. Ramsay showed us just how difficult noodling is, but admitted that the freshest catfish must be caught by hand.

It turns out Gordon has some advice for catching a conger eel, too. Gordon claims this type of eel is a very delicious fish, but explains that it’s not a popular dish because it’s, “fucking ugly.”

Watching Gordon wrestle with the conger eel’s elusiveness is surprising, because Gordon seems like such a natural fishermen. The conger eel lives in British waters, according to Gordon. However he says the appearance drives people away from consuming them regularly.

Once the eel is wrangled, Gordon causally slices the fish’s spinal cord and the boat heads back to the galley to make some conger ell puree.

Making the puree seems to really change the aesthetics of this dish. The conger eel may be ugly, but Gordon we’ll take Gordon’s word for it when he says it’s “fucking delicious.”