This Restaurant Only Serves Food from Countries the US Is In Conflict With


Conflict Kitchen is a restaurant in Pittsburgh that only serves food from countries the US is in conflict with.  How’s that for making the best of global tensions, threat of nuclear war, and nasty dictators? So far they’ve featured Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, and Venezuela, bringing unsuspecting individuals closer than they thought.


The restaurant changes its menu and its country every six months, featuring a new look and compelling interviews with citizens on subjects ranging from Iranian poetry to the treatment of women in Afghanistan.

Conflict Kitchen is open seven days a week and, according to its website, strives to “expand the engagement the public has with the culture, politics, and issues at stake within the focus country.”  The restaurant has been well-received by citizens from the different countries portrayed and has even sparked a few educational collaborations.

They are currently churning out Cuban food like picadillo, empanadas, and yuca con mojo. The restaurant is considering featuring Korea next, a curious choice to say the least.

H/T Reddit + PicThx Saveur