Cocky Thief Steals Entire Cooler Of Ice Cream And Flips Off Surveillance Camera, Clerk Fast Asleep


It’s human nature to occasionally doze off on the job. It’s frowned upon, but it happens. A Chevron clerk in Oakland Park, FL, fell asleep during a shift behind the register. A man, identified as Dennis Norman, entered the station to catch the clerk noticeably dozing.

Norman walked up to the ice cream cooler and opened it, like he was about to buy some. He then looked at the clerk, who was still sleeping, and then turned his gaze to the security camera where he confidently raised his middle finger.

Here’s where things take a surprising turn.

Norman begins to inspect the ice cream cooler from multiple angeles. He then slowly begins to drag the cooler away from the wall where it sat. He continued to do so for about 15 minutes until he made it out with the entire ice cream cooler.

The clerk, still asleep.

Norman was eventually arrested and charged with grand theft. After spending 12 hours in jail, he was released on $1,000 bail. No word on whether he finished off the ice cream.