Fast Food

A Stuffed-Cone-Crusted Pizza, ‘Cause Your Pie Crust Should Be a Cool-Looking Appetizer Too

Thanks to Pizza Hut Middle East, your old favorite pizza — no matter how incredible — is now officially a lazy sack of sh*t.

Combining utility, novelty and most importantly, fun (!), Pizza Hut’s new Cone Crust Pizza is a prime example of exactly what happens when you stop asking what you can do with your pizza, and start asking what your pizza can do for you.

Instead of having a plain crust (yawn) or worse, stuffing the crust with your basic mozzarella (double yawn), this unique technique actually puts to work the pizza’s flabby leftover bits by folding them into cones and filling them with cream cheese, honey mustard chicken or an alternating combination of the two. The result? Essentially the perfect meal/appetizer/parm-crusted eating experience. Or yet another reason the fast food corporates in every other country are just so, so much smarter than ours.

Check out the CCP in action in Pizza Hut’s nostalgic, feel-good television spot, here:

[Via Brand Eating]