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Pints Of Magnum Now Exist, And You Can Still Break The Chocolate Shell

Magnum made a name for itself  by covering its creamy ice cream bars with milk chocolate shells — and also for being constantly mistaken for the condom brand.

While fans of the ice cream are probably used to eating it in bar form, Magnum has transitioned into actual scoopable ice cream pints, while still somehow keeping its unmistakable chocolate shell.

Yes, the ice cream pint will be surrounded by a chocolate shell that will literally crack when you squeeze the tub, so while the look is a little different, it will still feel very similar.

The Magnum Tubs will come in four flavors; Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and White Chocolate Vanilla, which mirror some of the brand’s already established bar flavors.

Magnum first tested out the tubs out in Singapore, releasing three flavors back in the summer of 2017. Those flavors were a bit different than the U.S. launch, though, as they rolled out a Magnum white, classic, and almond flavor.

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Now, Magnum fans can rejoice, as they are no longer restricted to the bar and can now freely enjoy the ice cream in sundaes, floats, and any other scoop-worthy concoctions.

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We Reviewed Edible Sex Toys, From Gummy Penises To Candy Bras

In case you’re looking for some delicious inspiration to spice sweeten up your love life this Valentine’s Day, we here at FOODBEAST have got your back.

On an unsuspecting day, I walked in on the dudes Elie and Rudy eating out of a bag of dicks. You heard me.

For this episode of UNBOXED, we try a variety of sexually suggestive sex toys that are pretty much edible. These include a bag of gummy penises, edible panties, a tasteful edible bra, and flavored condoms.

If there was any horrifying opportunity to get a glimpse into Elie and Rudy’s sex lives, this was it. Watching Elie eat the candy bra off my hairy co-worker’s bare naked chest will forever haunt my dreams.

Still, the things we do in the name of discovery. Mad respect, fellas.

Check out the latest episode of UNBOXED above. The clock starts now in case you need to plan out your Valentine’s Day.

Note: Do NOT eat the condoms. Those were just for flavoring only. 

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Durex Trolls Everyone With Eggplant-Flavored Condoms Nobody Asked For

Durex’s condom-game is pretty strong, but their trolling-game is probably stronger as they tweeted out that their newest flavored condom would taste like an eggplant.

If you happen to be a human being, you’re probably familiar with the eggplant emoji as the universal euphemism for any phallic-based message conversation, so the fact that it would even be considered for a condom flavor, is both comical and revolting.

Turns out, even though they presented the tweet as ” breaking news,” it was just a clever PR stunt, as it looks like Durex is trying to promote the development of a condom emoji.

Pretty solid strategy on their part, as Taco Bell pushed a similar social media campaign, helping the taco emoji become a real, beautiful thing that we can all use on our phones now.

It’s a good thing that it was all a ruse, because egg plant-flavored condoms sound like the worst, and the Twitterverse agreed:






Mother and Son Create Wine Condoms to Replace Corks

Wine Condom

It sucks having to re-cork a bottle of wine only to not have it fit properly in your fridge. Maybe sometimes that cork just won’t agree with you and after a long tussle, you can often end up with some pretty sticky hands. If only there was some form of protection you could slip onto your bottle, no matter how drunk you are. Something along the lines of condoms, but for wine.

Turns out there is, or will be. Developed by Mitchell Strahan and his mother, the two set up a Kickstarter aiming to gather funds for their first batch of Wine Condoms. The wine condoms are designed to make sealing your bottles a whole lot easier and definitely makes for a novel conversation. With prototypes from a rubber company that specializes in food, each condom is adaptable and can also work for beer and soda bottles. A pack of wine condoms will contain 10 individual condoms, each disposable after one or two uses.

Wine Cover

H/T Mitchell Strahan


Pork Your Lover in Style with Bacon Condoms


So apparently this bacon trend hasn’t gone far enough. Now you can do the dirty with these Bacon Condoms.

After bringing the masses Bacon Lube — an elaborate April Fool’s joke made reality, J&D’s was bound to make the jump to condoms. Surprisingly, these condoms may be the real deal.

Straight from J&D’s press release:

Bacon Condoms Make Your Meat Look Like Meat.  Truly the new standard of animal protein themed prophylactics Bacon Condoms are proudly Made in America of the highest quality latex and rigorously tested to help ensure the utmost reliability and safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon. And as an added bonus, each Bacon Condom has been generously coated with J&D’s baconlube™, an ultra premium Bacon flavored personal lubricant.

Aside from the packaging looking like America’s favorite breakfast food, the condom itself literally costumes your goods in a bacon suit. Although, don’t be surprised if they turn out to be a hoax — the mock up is a little iffy.

“One delicious bacon strip” aka a 3-pack of these bacon flavored prophylactics will run you $9.99 online, but you’ll have to wait since they are completely sold out.

This is one type of bacon you won’t want crispy. Seriously, please don’t use crispy condoms.

H/T  LA Times + PicThx J&D’s


Martha Stewart Talks Sausages [VIDEO]

Ever remember having “the talk” with your parents for the first time? That awkward feeling of having a wholesome figure that you’ve more or less admired, if not, respected most of your life talk about subject matter you’d hoped would never be uttered from their mouths? That’s kind of what it’s like having Martha Stewart making crude comments about sausage during her cooking show. And contrary to her iconic catchphrase, that feeling definitely isn’t a good thing.

I mean, I’ll be the first to admit. Making crude jokes about sausages is the making of comedic gold in my circle of friends (because apparently I hang out with a bunch of fifth graders), but having someone like Martha Stewart even getting close to that kind of territory is nothing short of eerie: