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Man Finds ‘Condom’ Like Prize In His Jar Of Jam

There are only a few expectations one has when opening a fresh jar of jam for the very first time. A used condom, is probably one of the few things you’d expect to see once that lid pops open.

Troy Hawkins, Mashable reports, posted on his Facebook a photo of an opened jar of jam he had apparently purchased from a Co-op Food in the United Kingdom. Inside of the jar, he found something that suspiciously looked like an un-rolled condom.

Co-op replied to the image, claiming it was “production foam” that solidified during the bottling process. Upon his initial complaint, they even compensated him a bit for his grief, though not enough to silence his frustration.


So what do you think? Is is a freak production occurrence made from the residual white foam? Or did some one have a little too much, albeit safe, ‘fun’ with the sweet jelly product?

The real tragedy is that single slice of un-jellied toast just sitting on Hawkins’ kitchen table.

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Korea Sells Condom-Looking Ice Cream, Make You Suck The Tip


If I told you that condom-inspired ice cream exists, your mind might immediately think about the Magnum bars.

There is something that’s fits that description a little better, though, as Korea has its own twisted sexual humor.

A photo posted by Fung X (@fungx__) on

They’re called Chocolate Flavored Turtle Eggs, and they’re packaged in a rubber vessel that looks suspiciously like, um, a phallic barrier.

Whatever, the chocolate ice cream looks like it’s inside a condom.

The concept seems a little like Bolis Ice Pops, where you cut the tip of the package, and suck out the cold, icy treat. This version looks way more suggestive, however.

We asked a Korean friend of ours about these ice cream pops, and he said they’re popular in Korea, solely because everyone thinks they’re hilarious.

Those in the know, have a good time sucking the tips of these things.

A photo posted by Jason Choi (@choieksdee) on

They can call it a turtle egg all they want, but we all know that that little green dude is a front for probably the funniest ice cream you’ll ever see.

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Everyone is Suddenly Talking About Pumpkin Spice Condoms, Durex Finally Responds


There’s something inherently unsexy about fall. Skin gets covered, loose diets get thrown out the window, there’s goddamn pumpkins everywhere.

Over the weekend, however, rumors slithered ’round the interwebs that might have changed all that: Durex was releasing a “pumpkin spice”-flavored condom. Coated in artificial cinnamon and nutmeg, the condoms promised to be the perfect protection from basic bitches’ even more basic spawn.

Unfortunately Monday came around, along with an official statement from Durex (via twitter) that the PSL rubbers weren’t real, but here’s to hoping for a Starbucks x Durex collab in 2015. In the meantime, there are bacon, whisky, and chocolate condoms, which aren’t nearly as festive. Womp.

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What This Guy Does With Coke, Nutella, Mentos and a Condom is Something You Can’t Unsee


There’s some sort of world record being achieved here…but to be honest, I haven’t done my research. Hell, I can’t even understand 95% of this video. It just involves a bottle of Coca Cola, Mentos, and Nutella. Yet, just when you think you’ve heard this story before, or seen a video with some hooligan experiencing the joy of dropping Mentos into a bottle of Cola, the fellow on camera nonchalantly pulls out a Durex-brand condom and changes everything. Forever.

Any sort of description of this already succinct video would simply not do it justice.

Just enjoy:


Not-So-Eco-Friendly Supermarket Wraps Its Peeled Bananas in Plastic

There’s probably a condom joke in here somewhere.

As relayed by the Austrian Times, German-owned supermarket Billa has recently come under fire for a photo posted on its Facebook page showcasing packs of peeled bananas covered in plastic wrap.

Purportedly done to streamline the eating process, these pre-peeled ‘nanners quickly sparked plenty of outrage from people decrying the stunt as wasteful and unnecessary — though one user did suggest the clear wrapping could tip off consumers to any unsightly browning or bruising more readily than a banana peel can (not that that’s necessarily a good thing).

So says one Greenpeace spokesman in Austria: “If there is an easy to open ready packed food it’s the banana  – peeling it only to pack it in environmentally unfriendly plastic is just madness.”

Of course, thanks to the efforts of Billa’s hack PR team, the offending photo has since been taken down — as well as written off by Billa HQ as the act of a single franchise location and a “one off” mistake that won’t happen again.

But the way I see it, this unfortunate ecological misstep could have been much, much worse. I mean, at least they didn’t double bag it.