Condiment Gun Fires Ketchup and Mustard on Unsuspecting Hot Dogs

Condiment Gun

Water gun wars are so yesterday. Food fights are where it’s at these days, and if you plan on participating in such a spat, it’s necessary to be prepared with the finest of defenses, like The Condiment Gun.

This pistol comes with two reusable cartridges that holds any of your favorite hamburger toppers, like BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard or mayo. All you have to do is load a filled cartridge into the gun, pull the trigger and douse your food BA style.

Condiment Gun

The only catch here is the condiments can’t be chunky (ie: peanut butter and/or relish), because it’ll jam the pistol, which could be terrible/delicious if backfired.

The Condiment Gun, $14.99 @Think Geek

Picthx Think Geek