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This Salon Is Using Nutella To Dye Hair [WATCH]

When I heard that a beauty salon was putting Nutella on their patron’s hair, I thought maybe it was some new weird way to condition, or moisturize it, but they’re actually claiming the hazelnut spread can act as a dye.

Abed & Samer Beauty Salon in Beirut, Labanon, scoops spoonfuls of Nutella directly onto hair, then drizzles condensed milk over it for a delicious change in color.

In the video demonstration, the dessert is applied on a blonde woman, with the results being an effective switch to a lighter shade of caramel.

If you’re questioning the validity of this dying method, there’s actually a chance this could be legit, according to hair colorist Aura Friedman’s knowledge.

Friedman told Cosmopolitan, “I imagine that just as chocolate would stain if you got it on your clothing, it might do the same on hair. I’m sure the oil from the hazelnuts would somewhat condition the hair, though it might be a hassle to get it out of the hair after.”

The salon owner Abed Allahitani said that the lighter Nutella treatment can last up to three weeks, but if he makes the color a bit darker, it will last even longer.

So if you’re looking to experiment with a new color, Nutella, per usual, might be your best friend.


Cinnamon Chocolate Sheet Cake with Nutella Icing

With the month of June upon us, if you’re acquainted with young people, you’ll undoubtedly be visiting quite a few graduation parties this time of year. In my case, this past week I’ve been barraged with several, all of which displaying their respective cake prowess.

Of all the cakes I tried, not a one featured God’s gift to desserts — Nutella! Thankfully, this photo of Chocolate Sheet Cake with Nutella Icing will have to tide me over!

This simple cinnamon and chocolate sheet cake is made unique with a Nutella exterior that consists of  sweetened condensed milk and butter! You could server this cake chilled, but I’d prefer it room temperature with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! What you think? (Recipe @ MissInTheKitchen)


Cravings Sweets

Toasted Coconut Lime Bars

If you’re trying to fulfill that sweet tooth without putting on the extra pounds, go with some light and satisfying lemon bars. Not ordinary lemon bars though… preferably these  Toasted Coconut Lime Bars! The crust on these squares are made with toasted coconut and graham crackers. They are topped off with a mixture of condensed milk, lime juice, and eggs. Oh yeah, can’t forget the colorful lime zest on top! I’ll squeeze the most out of those bars, believe that! (Thx GingerbreadBagels)

Cravings Sweets

Rum Balls

If you are working those long hard summer days, or just need a quick alcoholic pick me up this is your snack of choice! These little goodies are made out of biscuit crumbs, cocoa powder, coconut, condensed milk and the rum! Chill out these bad boys and roll them into small balls and bake em! You could defiantly serve these with some hot chocolate or even a glass of Kahlua! (Thx C&C)


Guppy House: Oreo Shaved Ice


The other night after hitting a couple of bars with Elie and the crew, we decided to swing by this spot called Guppy House. Elie had been here before and he recommended I get the small shaved ice. When he said small he didn’t mention that it was still the size of a large baby. About 8 pounds of shaved ice, oreos and condensed milk make this an awesome late night treat!