Apparently, Foodbeasters Who Concoct Bizarre Food Combinations Are Also Binge Eaters

Beer and bacon deep fried Doritos, pizza ice cream, spam and peanut butter cookies – if you’re one of our regular readers, you know that we at Foodbeast are no strangers to the bizarre food combination scene. But did you also know that “concocting” such outlandish treats could be a telltale sign you’re a binge eater?

According to a study done by the University of Alabama Birmingham, an estimated 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from binge-eating disorders, and “people who concoct are more likely to binge eat than those who overeat without bingeing.”

Those who admitted to concocting reported “the same emotions as drug users during the act,” such as “excitement” and “anxiety,” as well as later feelings of “shame and disgust.”

41.2% of the “concocting participants,” moreover, explained the behavior was most often due to a “craving,” while only 9% reported hunger as a motive – all of which makes me wonder just how telling such a study could be after all. I mean, maybe we just have better food than everybody else.

To wit, here’s a list of some of our best/worst binge-iest food posts ever:

H/T Science Daily