Watch Conan Demolish a Gingerbread House in Slo-Mo [Video]

As you might imagine, Conan O’Brien likes to celebrate the holidays a little differently than most people. As a holiday celebration, Conan apparently likes to destroy seasonal Christmas food in slow motion.

Can’t really argue with his methods as hitting a candy cane with a baseball bat and blowing up a gingerbread house looks pretty fun. Although, as it often does, the slow-mo revealed some kinks in his batting stance and swing. He dipped his back elbow a bit too much and hardly used his hips on his follow-through, but it still got the job done.

Do stick around to watch a giant dog beat up Conan at 2:45. Note: Props to Conan for the awesome ugly sweater.


via Team Coco


Conan Tries Really Really Hard To Score Free Guinness (We Don’t Blame Him)

The only thing better than free food? Free booze.

Take any mundane event — an annoying relative’s wedding, your coworker’s baby shower, or even the dreaded high school reunion — and add the presence of flowing liquor. BOOM. Good times guaranteed.


Gluttony Pants

As mentioned earlier on Conan, someone has indeed created Gluttony Pants and publicized their release just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto (a restaurant that apparently guests can dine on whole hogs’ heads) teamed up with Beta Brand to create these trousers for gluttons. Crafted from a soft caramel canvas, lined with burgundy-colored cotton and equipped with their own napkin. The pair of pants comes with a trio of interestingly named buttons that remind you how far you’ve gone on the Glutton-scale. Featuring graphics conceived by Cosentino himself, illustrated by Jon Adams that depict the life of a glutton.


Conan O’Brien spoofs Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial

For the upcoming season of his show Conan O’Brien has remade his own version of Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr car wash commercial. Conan’s is sexier, no homo. Check the video after the jump, it’s awesome! (Thx FFM)