iCup: Mug Shaped Like the Apple Logo Stays Warm by Plugging Into Your MacBook


Created by Tomislav Zvonarić, the eye-catching “Apple iCup” features the iconic Apple logo along with a matching stirring spoon and saucer. Zvonarić was inspired by his love for the brand and included such details as the signature bit mark on the side and the leaf on top as a handle to grip on.


The Vancouver-based designer developed the hi-tech mug to help keep your coffee hot while you work away on your computer. The iCup easily plugs in via a USB cable and its thick walls ensure that your daily dose of caffeine stays warm until you’re done with your work. The mugs come in four colors including white, black, red and green. However, at the moment the product seems to be just a concept. A tease for all you die-hard Apple fans, I know.

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This Coffee Maker is Built Into a Computer PC


Ever have a coffee craving hit you like a ton of bricks while sitting at your computer and instead of getting up to hit your local Starbucks, you wish your CPU could prepare the perfect cup of pipping hot java for you? If you said yes, you will be thankful to know that you’re not alone in that fantasy. In fact, one young man from The Mod Zoo made his dream a reality and may never leave his desk again. Known as the The Caffeine Machine, this genius creation combines two of our greatest loves: caffeine and technology.


One part PC Tower, one part White-Westinghouse 4-cup coffee maker, this coffee maker works just as good as the next and won’t take up any RAM. If you’re looking at spending even more time on your computer, there’s a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own here. Let us know when it starts baking cupcakes and we just might never leave the office!

PixThx The Mod Zoo


Google Applies for Check-Splitting Patent


The internet’s leading search engine is trying to make life eating out a little easier.

Six New York-based Google employees have filed for a patent on a process that would make the dreaded splitting of the check at the end of a meal less painful. Essentially, the process they’ve created would be used as a calculator-like aid, or like Google’s live search option, diners may be able to simply type in “split this check” into the search bar and let Google do it’s thing.

A computer-implemented method for tracking payment transactions of a group of users, the method comprising: establishing a group including a plurality of users; maintaining a transaction record for the group including a plurality of payment transactions, each of the plurality of payment transactions involving at least one user of the group; maintaining a balance indicating an amount owed by a first user of the group to a second user of the group based on one or more of the plurality of payment transactions; and responsive to a settlement event, settling the balance by initiating a transfer of funds between the first user and the second user.

According to the patent (as seen above) the method being proposed would allow diners to send one another funds via the app, pay extra to cover tips, spot each other if a friend “forgets” their wallet, oh and setting a pay-me-back-by date, marking the end of your forgetful pals stiffing you. The method aims to help “tracking and managing group expenditures” because everyone knows things get mad confusing at a birthday dinner for 20. But diners would still still need to provide basic info to help the splitting process.

Until Google gets approval on this much needed patent you’ll have to keep on with the manual hand math. Although this thing would help customers understand who pays what, hopefully the patent can be implemented in restaurant point-of-sale systems, otherwise we’ll continue to drive our waiters crazy asking them to charge this much on this card and to pay this much in cash, but bring back the change.

H/T US Patent & Trademark Office


Mini Hamburger Crumb Vacuum

This is a great little gadget for those of you who face a crumby problem at your desk, in your car, or just about any place that you have to think twice about eating. It looks like it would be an especially great tool for sucking out those hard to get crumbs that fall into your keyboard… Buy it, and stop having a crumby day! ($11.99 @ PerpetualKid)


iPad Frozen Into Slab of Chocolate, Given To Unsuspecting Girlfriend

A bloke from London named Stefan knew that his girlfriend living in Cape Town, South Africa was an Apple product nut and had to have the iPad. Problem is, the iPad wasn’t being released where she was staying. So he thought, what a great idea it would be to get her one as a surprise, but better yet I’ll get my friends to freeze the iPad in chocolate so she’ll have no idea what it is. (Thx AR) Check out how it all goes down after the jump: