Tyson Employees Secretly Filmed Kicking And Punching Chickens, Now Fired

WARNING: The photos and videos below are graphic and may not be safe for work.

Tyson Foods just cleaned house after a video surfaced of employees choking out, long-tossing and kicking the very chickens they try to feed us.

An animal rights group called Compassion Over Killing secretly taped the trained employees performing the cringe-worthy acts, and released it for the world to see.

Of course, the largest chicken producer in the US wasn’t going to just sit back and let this video sully their great name, so every single one of the 10 workers in that video, pounding away on chickens, got fired.

Vice president of sustainable food production, Christine Daugherty said in a statement that they’re disgusted by what’s in the video and obviously don’t condone animal abuse.

Compassion Over Killing said in a statement, “Tyson, the titan of this industry, is literally crushing the life out of birds.”

Trying to watch the whole video is a little unbearable, but if you think your stomach can take it, check it out below, courtesy of the Washington Post: