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Chocolate Easter Eggs Filled With Two Layers Of Honey Peanut Butter Are A Whole Seasonal Mood


Though circumstances have completely flipped as a result of social distancing and shelter at home mandates, Easter is still around the corner and festivities are in order. Sure, Easter egg hunts will look a whole lot different now and will vary depending on the celebrants, the one constant is the amount of delicious seasonal candies and treats there will be to go around.

If you’re looking to level up your run of the mill chocolate Easter egg experience, why not do it with one that has wild honey peanut butter occupying all its insides with not one, but two layers — done by none other than the chocolate artists at Compartés.

Long having the reputation as arguably the world’s best chocolate bars, Compartés solidifies that rep with this luxurious chocolate Easter egg offering. These eggs are a part of a lineup of Easter treats that the chocolatier is offering for the season. Other goodies include an edible chocolate Easter basket, chocolate-dipped Easter Peeps, and a 24-karat big-eared Easter bunny. And with Compartés offering free shipping right now, it’s possible to send these treats to loved ones — including yourself, because self-care 2020.




This Avocado & Chips Chocolate Bar Is An Unlikely Must-Try

From shakes, toasts, and even beer, we’d like to think that we’ve seen it all when it comes to avocado-flavored food iterations. But this latest sweet, an avocado chocolate bar with actual tortilla chip bits inside, is one that comes out of left field. Yet even though the combo is a head-scratcher on paper, and either open or curious mind will lead you to a chocolate bar that is surprisingly delicious and hits familiar flavor profiles and textures.

From the creative chocolate minds over at Compartes, namely founder and owner Jonathan Grahm, this new avocado & chips chocolate bar is a limited-edition flavor that capitalizes on the success of last year’s avocado chocolate bar.

What sounds like the wrong flavor duo to make into a chocolate immediately becomes validated once you realize the valuable crunch that the bits of tortilla chips provide. Think of the satisfying crip you get from a Nestle Crunch bar, only with the complimentary saltiness that plays well with the smooth and creamy avocado-based chocolate.

Available online for shipping nationwide and select retailers for $9.95, this new Avocado & Chips bar is a new take on the tried and true salty and sweet dynamic that we all love.

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This Chocolate Shop Is Everything A Modern Day Willy Wonka Experience Would Be

If Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory got a compact makeover and was made to look like a chic Parisian boutique by celeb favorite designer Kelly Wearstler, then the result would be the new Compartes chocolate shop at the Westfield Century City.

If you’re not familiar with Compartes chocolate, a quick cursory hashtag search on Instagram will yield some of the most stunning and eye-popping chocolate bars you’ve ever seen. I’m talking about vibrantly colored bars chockfull of unique fillings like dried berries and even those lunchroom staple pink and white animal cookies we all loved growing up.

Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm has gone to detailed measures to ensure than the chocolate experience here at Compartes is one of a kind, from the chocolate on tap from brass faucets to their signature frozen hot chocolate to even the Wearstler designed interior that vibes more with Emerald City than it does with any semblance of a typical sweet shop.

But with the most Instagrammed chocolate in the world, did you expect any lesser type of gorgeous?

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