Grocery Store Turns Burglary Footage Into a Hilarious Commercial [Video]


What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade. Add vodka. Make a crude electrical battery. Free sh*t is awesome. You make a TV ad. At least, that’s what Kent Pfrimmer, owner of  Kent’s Meats and Groceries in Redding, California, decided to do. The initial video of the attempted burglary became an internet sensation thanks to Reddit and brought the grocery store a wave of publicity.

Naturally, Pfrimmer decided to turn the footage of the unsuccessful break-in into a hilarious commercial. Watch below as a man dressed in pajamas, loafers and stockings (so chic!) attempts to hurl a rock through a window and as pastrami sandwiches get face time. It gets no better.

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Forget Ice Cream, This Video Might Be the Scariest Advertisement Ever, Period

If this is some kind of new, even more twisted dead baby joke, I’m not laughing.

Coming from Philadelphia ice cream company “Little Baby’s,” this minute long-ad features a woman who seems to really love ice cream, but is also, incidentally, made out of ice cream.

See (or spare yourself and don’t see) how well that predicament works out for her, here (but don’t say I didn’t warn you):

I’m not sure which is more stomach-churning: the amount of times the narrator says “eat little babies…”; the fact that the girl’s eating out of her own head; or that she’s smiling (smiling!) while doing it.

Nope, it’s the smile, definitely the smile—makes you want to kind of curl up under a blanket or something. Or cry.

At this point, I would say go to a happy place filled with rainbows and ice cream, but this video pretty much shot that baby in the face.

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Side Effects Now Include Tripping Balls

Add this to your list of top 10 WTF-happened-last-night moments: answering the doorbell and finding a living, breathing headless deer. (Double points if it starts talking via the deer head trophy on your wall.)

In the latest entries to the Mike’s Hard Lemonade Weird Commercial Canon, three new television spots feature a group of scruffy looking guys day drinking their way to Wonderland–though, per Mike’s usual deadpan, you probably wouldn’t know it at first. In fact, everything in the guy’s suburban living room seems right and peachy until the doorbell rings and we meet the three equally trippy, equally creepy unexpected house guests: the aforementioned headless deer, a 30-foot-tall lady seeking out her missing red heel and a sleazy looking scarecrow-plumber who might like his job just a little too much.

Maybe it goes to show you don’t need hard liquor to have a good time, but the second I start seeing headless deer and sleeping with She-Hulk, I’m taking an oath of sobriety. F*ck that sh*t.

See the deer-version of the new advertisements here:

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Taco Bell’s New “Live Más” Commercial Looks Like This [VIDEO]

A few days ago it was revealed that Taco Bell would be shifting its slogan focus from “Think[ing] Outside the Bun” to an earnest attempt to “Live Más.” The shift in branding, a hopeful attempt to promote their food as something more than fuel, but an encompassing lifestyle, is one that we’re interested to see pan out.

The first remnants of that message is now available to us, in the form of the chain’s first Live Más commercial entitled Pockets.

The 30-second TV spot includes some dude who had a “really crazy night” as told through the remnants of his pockets, which includes tickets to some band called Slab Hauler, a box of matches apparently from a psychic reading, a broken pair of sunglasses, some possible makeout sesh in a photo booth with a chick, Chinese pair of dice and of course, a packet of hot sauce from a Taco Bell that reads “That was fun.”

Could this be the start of a new, edgier, Taco Bell brand focus? You be the judge:


Fast Food

Does This McDonald’s Commercial Change Your Opinion of Their Fries? [VIDEO]

This yet-to-be-released commercial from McDonald’s USA takes an intimate moment with Frank Martinez, a “Potato Supplier” for the McDonald’s brand, and does its best to spin an image of farm-to-restaurant sensibility. McDonald’s products often get sensationalized for their presumed level of preservatives to sustain edibility and taste for maximum periods of time.

The same level of preservation is also a key reason the brand has been under fire by some home scientists (and supported by others). You might recall several different home experiments that show how little change a McDonald’s burger and fries experiences when left out for days, weeks, and months at time. They rarely age, mold or break down, at least visually.

This 17-second commercial spot shows Frank Martinez biting into what looks to be a very fresh skinned potato, claiming its deliciousness, and highlighting how good it will be once it becomes a “McDonald Fry.”

The real question at hand is, is this commercial going to make you care? Did you laugh? Is it changing your mind about the quality of the fry? Or have you come to terms with the unhealthiness of your fried potatoes, and just enjoy them on a surface-level, for exactly what they are, an indulgence?

Without further ado, the new McDonald’s commercial — Potato Farmer, Frank Martinez: “Just Wait”

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Dr. Pepper 10’s Machismo Marketing [VIDEO]

No subtlety here folks. Dr. Pepper‘s new male-oriented ad campaign for their new 10-calorie iteration of their famed beverage straight up tells you “It’s Not For Women” at the end of this man-minded commercial. I personally feel they should have gotten Michael Bay to do this commercial. There’d be 1000% more explosions and car chases and that’s not even mathematically possible.

Dr. Pepper Ten. What do you think?

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Deals Video

Jack in the Box: Gassed up Jack at the Dentist [Video]

Finally got our hands on the commercial that houses the Two Free Tacos at Jack in the Box announcement we made on Monday. In this particular commercial, Jack is hopped up on some type of gas which has him loopy, and he subsequently offers up completely free tacos on Tuesday, November 16th. It should be noted that the dentist did indeed seem concerned at the deal, asking Jack if he was sure about the decision he was making.


Jim Breuer Flips Out During Pizza Hut Commercial Shoot

Here is a video of comedian Jim Breuer during the filming of his commercial for Pizza Hut. In his defense, I completely agree with his finale, I mean just check out the Pizza Hut dude and how fast he keeps grabbing the slice out of Jimmy’s hands. Poor Jim is just hungry. Check out the actual commercial right here.