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KFC’s Bizarre New Commercial Somehow Infuriates The Internet

Why can’t a fried chicken commercial simply just be a fried chicken commercial? It seems everything needs a clapback these days and Kentucky Fried Chicken is at the clucking spotlight of the Internet’s fury. One of the fried chicken chain’s latest commercials is pissing off a lot of vegetarians.

The slightly bizarre video features a live chicken strutting its stuff, set to the bombastic beat of DMX’s X Gonna Give It To Ya. It seems people aren’t happy with how the live animal is depicted in relation to the fried chicken restaurant.

Commenters pointed out that there’s no way a chicken would be that happy knowing it’s about to be slaughtered and deep-fried and that the footage was “distressing” to vegetarians and vegans. Additional complaints were made that the commercial painted KFC as only serving chicken and nothing else with the tagline: The Whole Chicken And Nothing But The Whole Chicken. 


Design Taxi reports that the Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged that some folks found the ad “distasteful” but there won’t be any sort of investigation into the video since the commercial is unlikley to cause widespread offense. The ad also does not break any existing rules or regulations.

Sure, we’d have liked to see actual fried chicken shown in the ad, but we definitely weren’t offended with this video.

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Buffalo Wild Wings’ Father’s Day Ad Is An Adorable Tear Jerker

There’s a good chance that when you fall to your knees, smack yourself in the head, or completely lose your mind over a team’s loss, you picked it all up from your dad, who passed on his crazy fandom down to you. With these insane rituals in your blood, Buffalo Wild Wings’ new Father’s Day ad will definitely hit you in the feels.

The video shows a father in the living room, writhing in agony as he watches his favorite basketball team (possibly the Cleveland Cavaliers) blow the game, and come out on the losing end. Beside him on the couch, is his adorable young daughter, covering her eyes, stretching out her her face with her hands, and raising her arms in defeat, just as her papa was doing.

After the father lets the team’s loss sink in, he looks over at his daughter, who has a huge smile on her face and leaps into her daddy’s arms, effectively deflating all the tension in the room.

The last words you see are, “Thanks for showing us how to love sports,” as the commercial ends.

The ad is almost Super Bowl-ish, as it was meant to make you feel something, and it succeeded, as many sports fans can watch and relate.

If this isn’t the cutest Father’s Day tribute, I don’t know what is.

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Here’s Why McDonald’s Pulled This Controversial ‘DAD’ Ad

A recent ad for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich was the center of much criticism and complaint, reports Design Taxi. The commercial features a young boy who recently lost his father through some undisclosed circumstance.

As the boy learns more and more about his late father from his mother, viewers can clearly see they are nothing alike. However, the video ends with the mother and son sitting down at a McDonald’s where she tells him the Filet-O-Fish he ordered was his father’s favorite, instilling a sense of solace in the child.

The advertisement upset many that had lost their parents, those of whom took to Twitter to share their disappointment:


In response to the outrage, McDonald’s has pulled the ad and apologized for it in a public statement. The fast food chain said they were simply trying to depict real, everyday people, living in good situations or bad.

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Skittles’ Nasty New Mother’s Day Commercial Features A Giant Umbilical Cord

There’s only a handful of days left until Mother’s Day. If you haven’t gotten your mom anything yet, now’s the time to jump on it. Because nothing should break the bond between a mother and her child.

With that said, Skittles created an unconventional commercial to celebrate the national holiday dedicated to moms.

The video shows a young man sitting on the couch with his mother sharing a bag of skittles. Innocent enough, right?

To viewers’ horror, we see that the mother and son are sharing the rainbow-flavored candy through an umbilical cord connected between his belly and her uterus. Through that connection, he can physically taste the piece of candy she puts in her mouth.


Check out the hilariously disgusting Skittles advert and see for yourselves if the brand might have gone too far this Mother’s Day.

Gotta give them major props for shooting their shot though.

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McDonald’s Controversial New Soda Ad Never Once Mentions ‘McDonald’s’

That place where Coke tastes SO good.

McDonald’s has recently begun promoting the return of $1 any sized drinks at participating United States locations.

In a couple 30-second promos actress Mindy Kaling hypes up a place “where Coke tastes so good.” While she doesn’t flat-out say McDonald’s, she tells viewers to do a quick Google search of her exact phrase.

That one step of Googling is intended to pique the viewers’ interest as to what this place that serves great-tasting Coca Cola is.

A quick Google search told us that the place, in fact, was McDonald’s. Though shame on us for not reading fellow Foodbeast and Spanish Seductor Supreme Isai Rocha’s piece on why McDonald’s Coke tastes so good from a few months back.

Unfortunately, the ads have been met with some negative reactions, collecting hundreds of dislikes. The yellow dress on a red background was a nice touch though.

So what do you think about McDonald’s latest attempt at promoting themselves through subtle cues and general curiosity? Was it worse than what Burger King did with Google phones?

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Burger King’s New Commercial Tried To Hack Google And It Terribly Backfired

Okay, Google, tell me how much of a failure Burger King’s new ad was.

The fast food chain tried to “hack” the massive search website by purposefully activating Google Home and Android devices in its latest fifteen-second commercial. In the ad, the actor says that fifteen seconds isn’t long enough to describe Burger King’s “fresh ingredients,” so instead, he gets up close to the camera and says:

“Okay Google, what is the Whopper Burger?”

The ad was able to activate the devices, but not without sparking a ton of Internet outrage.

What’s more, people figured out that Google was just repeating the first sentence of the Wikipedia definition for a Whopper, so they began altering the definition to get devices to repeat negative comments about the Whopper.

Business Insider got a few of the funniest ones, which include someone changing the definition to call the Whopper the “worst hamburger product” sold by the chain and even changing the ingredients to include children and cyanide.

Google eventually caught wind of what was happening and disabled the ad from activating its Google Home and Android devices.

Burger King president José Cil said that the company “thought this was a good way to make a connection and go directly to guests and tell a story about our product.” Instead, consumers have reacted negatively to having their privacy invaded and devices controlled by a large corporation. Definitely not the reaction Burger King wanted from this ad.

If there’s one “whopping” message to take away from this ad, it’s that we can’t have it our way when it comes to who can control our technology.

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Budweiser’s Timely Super Bowl Commercial Spotlights Immigration

In the wake of President Trump’s recent immigration ban in the United States, Budweiser has released their new ad for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Anheuser-Busch’s 60-second commercial puts the spotlight on immigration with a tale that’s been brewing for hundreds of years.

The video, Born the Hard Way, follows Budweiser’s Adolphus Busch and his journey from Germany to St. Louis to meet his future partner Ebert Anheuser. Set in the 1800s, the commercial is a dramatic reenactment of the accounts that took place in the formation of the world’s largest beer producer.

Check out the spot that will air during this Sunday’s Big Game. While production for this began last May, the timing for the launch could not have been more perfect.

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This KFC Commercial From Japan Ups The Ante On Ridiculousness [WATCH]

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy fast food commercials from around the world. One of the more recent ones being an epic movie-quality series for Pepsi.

RocketNews 24 shared KFC Japan’s latest promotional video, where the fried chicken chain sets out to hype “tare” (sauce). In a tribute to ’80s VHS aesthetics, the three-minute video features some of the most ridiculous scenarios set to fast-paced cuts and lots of shouting.

The video focuses on a man from the T.A.R.E Scientific Research Institute and his journey to find the ultimate sauce. Along the way he meets ninjas dressed as maids, a chicken filet tribe, and deities. His entire adventure is set to an original song sung by popular international artist Ladybeard.

While initially confused at how ridiculous and random this commercial was, the spot sure accomplished its purpose. Now we want some saucy chicken.