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Comedian Thinks Your Guy Fieri Hate Is Stupid, Hilariously Defends Him For Five Minutes

Guy Fieri gets a lot of flack for his flame-emblazoned bowling shirts, 90s boy band haircut, and his dorky catch phrases, but are any of those things deserving of true hatred?

Comedian Shane Torres seems to believe that all the Fieri hate is stupid, and furiously defends him in a hilarious five minute joke that actually makes a lot of sense.

Torres released the clip as a teaser to his upcoming Comedy Central-backed album, “Established 1981,” and probably spent way more time defending Guy Fieri than any human should.

“Can someone please explain to me what the f*ck Guy Fieri ever did to anyone?” Torres says to start the joke. ” ‘Cause people shit on that dude all the time, and as far as I can tell, all he ever did was follow his dreams.”

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He goes on to point out the internet hate Fieri gets, even though he does not discriminate in his hiring, pays workers above minimum wage,  and even donates “pretzel-making machines to inner-city schools so they can have fundraisers.”

“… but because he has flames on his shirt, everyone shits on him like if he’s a member of Nickelback.”

Torres makes a lot of sense. Fieri is a legend and should be treated as such, but we can never get rid of the Fieri memes. Those are just as beloved as Fieri should be.


The Dark And Creepy Origin Behind TV’s ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Fox’s animated series “Bob’s Burgers” found its way into our hearts and homes in 2011, now six seasons and 100 episodes later, we continue to look forward to new adventures in season 7. However, the original concept for Bob’s Burger carries a dark and secretive past.


The original pitch for the show was based on a “Sweeney Todd-esque burger joint” that was operated by a family of cannibals, who cooked human remains into the food they sold.

Found under the subreddit, r/Television, YouTube channel Court Of Source, an account dedicated to uploading videos that focus on investigating “the roots of your favourite movies, tv, and games,” according to their description, uploaded this strong case against Bob’s Burgers on June 7, 2016.

Apparently, Bob’s Burgers creators Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive found character inspiration from classic horror villains like Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Additionally, there are small details within the plot that go unnoticed, if you’re not familiar with the original cannibalistic plot.

Take a look at the original pitch for the pilot entitled, “Human Flesh:”

Fox let them keep the same cannibal concept for the pilot, kind of as an ode to the original show idea, but they changed the direction of the show as a whole, and tweaked some things with the characters, as fans can quickly tell.

We’ll never watch Bob’s Burgers the same after today.


This Is South Park’s Controversial Song About Yelpers [NSFW]

South Park Yelp

Love them or hate them, Yelpers have established themselves as talked-about figures in the restaurant industry. In last night’s episode of South Park, the restaurant-reviewing community became the highlight of food heavy episode.

The ever-growing supply of Yelpers became a major concern for the restaurants in the recently flourishing mountain town. Leading the charge of Yelpers, of course, was none other than Eric Cartman.

We won’t give away any more, but this one was definitely worth watching.

The episode concluded with a controversial song that’s sure to become a legend in the history of the series. Needless to say, it’s definitely not safe for work.

Fast Food

Watch Arby’s Heartbreaking Goodbye To Jon Stewart


Last night, the world said goodbye to Jon Stewart as his run on The Daily Show came to an end. During his epic run, Stewart was known for dogging the quick-service sandwich chain Arby’s quite a few times.

However, the company would still like to say farewell to its friend.

In honor of his departure, Arby’s created this goodbye montage highlighting Stewart’s coverage of them, burns and all. It’s pretty bittersweet.

Check it out below.


Buzzkill: Health Department Shuts Down the Awesome that is ‘Dumb Starbucks’


After Nathan Fielder, host of Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, revealed himself to be the man behind “Dumb Starbucks,” the Los Angeles County Health Department swiftly shut the faux shop down.

A sign hanging on the window of the Hillhurst Avenue location says that it was “closed for violations”; the department told the LA Times that the parody cafe was shut down for operating without a health permit. Sad news for those who were hoping to get a free Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte.

Previous to being unceremoniously put out of business, Fielder held a cheeky news conference in the parking lot outside the storefront, sporting a green apron with the mock logo. The comedian explained to reporters and curious patrons that capitalizing on Starbuck’s’ household name helped “Dumb Starbucks” take off. However, he warned the actual Starbucks that although he didn’t want to start any “David and Goliath” contentions, if the coffee behemoth pressured him, they’d “risk losing me as a customer.”

Well played, sir.