Fast Food

McDonald’s Testing Family Packs in Kansas City, Perfect for Tailgating


Here’s the thing, you order a bucket of chicken from the KFC drive-thru, people tend to understand you’re ordering for a group. You order 5 Big Macs and 10 large fries, you’ve got to expect at least one person is thinking you’re just a big ol’ fattie.

But maybe not much longer. Burger Business reports McDonald’s is currently testing a multi-person boxed meal in Kansas City, Mo. as part of a promotional sponsorship for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dubbed the “Blitz Box,” the meal includes two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium fries and a 20 piece serving of Chicken McNuggets, all for $14.99.

As it stands, McDonald’s has not announced any plans to take the combo even regional, let alone nationwide. Although, similar family-sized meals have been tested before in the Czech Republic, Australia and Malaysia. My only request? Make that ish customizable, like KFC’s Original, Crispy or Grilled buckets or Taco Bell’s DLT-variety pack. Heck, it might even get me to watch football.

H/T + PicThx Burger Business


Quiznos: Black Friday Weekend Only – $2.99 Combo Meal

In celebration of the biggest shopping day of the year, Quiznos is offering up a Black Friday Combo. Any small sub/half, chips, and a regular drink for 2.99, that’s ridiculous. You can also get $10 off a catering tray. Either way it’s an amazing deal, so check after the jump for your coupons.


Panera: Soup & Sandwich

Today I decided that I didn’t want to suffer the heat in my room so I ventured over to Panera Bread in Orange, CA to steal their wifi and get some food. I had this bowl of tortilla chicken soup and their new cuban panini. Elie then showed up and informed me that the new site is going to be amazing and that he’s a genius; then he left.