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The Halal Guys Confirms New Burrito Nationwide, And Secret Menu

The Halal Guys grew their legend slanging delicious meal platters built for easy consumption on the go. Piles of chicken and gyro meat, falafel, rice, dabs of red sauce, waterfalls of white sauce — all are part of the delicious hype. The popularity of this cart-turned restaurant chain cannot go unnoticed, and their latest menu addition proves their prominence on the list of Top 10 Fast Food Game Changers for 2019 (link: restaurant game changers).

Keeping in their habit of serving iconic street food, The Halal Guys have confirmed that they will now be serving burritos filled with their beloved rice platter ingredients. Additionally, they’ve unveiled a new, creamy, luscious cheese sauce that’s blended with their famous white sauce. It’s a big move for the chain, but they’ve shown in the past how nimble their model can be with new offerings that continuously capitalize on trends or simply recognize the tastes and wants of their customers.

We got our hands on these new burritos and instinctively ordered an extra side of that new sauce because we had to experience its velvety high. Dunking this burrito all up in it? It would be criminal not to. All of your favorite choices, whether it be chicken, gyro meat or falafel, can be stuffed into this burrito, so trust the platter essence remains true regardless of the vessel.

Feeling a little more hungry than usual? The Halal Guys has verified the ability to order the burrito as secret menu item that’s double the size — and it’s all thanks to the viral creator of “The Blake Diet,” Blake Horton AKA @blake_201 on Instagram. Horton is known for creating and eating massive meals, with portions built for competitive eaters, rather than any normal human, to promote the intermittent fasting diet. The Halal Guys contacted him for the release of their new burrito, which now birthed a version that’s, as Horton put it, “Twice the size, twice the nutrients, twice the gains.” Pretty much think of it as two burritos in one.

So if you’re up to the task of taking down one of these behemoths, make sure to request your burrito be “Blake-sized” and The Halal Guys will serve you up a meal that would make Blake himself nod in approval. 

Created in partnership with The Halal Guys


ADVENTURE: Catalina Fish Kitchen (Costa Mesa, CA)

In our continuous effort to explore the city we work in, Geoff brought up that he had caught a conspicuous sign for a seafood spot within walking distance of our office. Hungry for lunch, we took to the street and headed over to the Catalina Fish Kitchen for a late lunch. We didn’t know what to expect, seeing an island vibe pouring out of an industrial office buildout can be quite off-putting.

The place was packed, littered with hipster runoff, local members of the business community and firemen — we took that as a sign the food was good, so we got in line and ordered up.

For starters, I went in on some Red Chowder, and Rudy jumped on some Spicy Vegetable Gumbo:

Pictured above is an order of Noserider Nachos, a sloppy concoction of tortilla chips, Cheddar Jack Cheese, black beans, diced tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream.

A shot of Geoff’s Kona Bowl (above) and Rudy’s Ahi Kona Bowl (below):

I opted for a taste of the Bay Shrimp Kona Bowl:

With a salsa bar that would make whole-in-the-wall Mexican joints envious, a fun interior masked by an off-the-beaten-path location and a reasonable price point for the amount and quality of food, Catalina Fish Kitchen is a spot you have to check out:


Catalina Fish Kitchen

670 W 17th St
Ste G8
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Adventure: Bear Flag Fish Co. (Newport Beach, CA)

It’s lunchtime, we’re hungry, and we had a hankering for tacos (the stock picture above is from a nighttime shot on their website, too cool to pass up though). Our friend and contributing writer Mitch suggested we hit up the Bear Flag Fish Co. for what he claimed was “The best fish tacos in Orange County!”  For a county bordering the sea and also blanketed with high quality mexican food, that claim needed to be tested. The location boasts a quality selection of fresh seafood and a modern ambiance. Hidden off 31st street in Newport Beach, we decided to give this place a true test drive:


NO SLEEP: Del Taco ‘Inception Burrito’ is Beautiful and Complex


The idea of an Inception Burrito has been infecting my mind like a parasite ever since the Inception movie launched last year.

I knew eventually, someone had to take the idea of something edible and Inception-ize it, and what better medium than a burrito? With this Inception Burrito, we take major notes from the film, and utilized five different Del Taco menu items to create five dream levels of burrito for you to traverse with every bite. Wait ’till you see my totem on the 4th level of dream state…


Adventure: Claws (Garden Grove)

For almost a year now, Elie has been raving about Claws in Garden Grove off of Brookhurst Avenue. He even covered it for FoodBeast in the past, but we wanted to make a new trip with the whole crew! We had oysters and cajun fries and shrimp, and spicy crawfish. Definitely one of the best messy meals I’ve ever had. Somehow I kept my hands clean enough to shoot photos on my iPhone after my camera battery died, which you can see after the jump. Then when you’re done viewing them and you’re drooling, head on over there for yourself.