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Comedian Norm Macdonald Is KFC’s New Colonel Sanders


A few months back, KFC announced that iconic spokesman Colonel Sanders would be making a return to the spotlight with a series of commercials highlighting the finger-licking figure. The role of Sanders was given to comedian Darrell Hammond. Now, it looks like another man has quickly stepped into the white suit as Norm Macdonald is set to portray the new Colonel Sanders.

MacDonald is probably best known for his time on Saturday Night Live, his standup and his career as a writer for various projects.

His recent appointment coincides with KFC’s new $20 Family Fill Up meal. This features eight pieces of fried chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, one large coleslaw and four biscuits.

KFC also released four new spots that feature Macdonald going full-Sanders. Here’s one:

We reached out to KFC and asked why the change of actors, especially so soon after Hammond’s initial debut. Turns out, Macdonald’s stint as the Colonel will be a part of a rolling door of actors who will don the white suit.

New season, new Colonel!

Ok, that kinda makes sense. Should be interesting to see who KFC comes up with next for the role.


Fast Food

KFC Is Undergoing A MAJOR Overhaul, They Even Brought Back The COLONEL!


It’s been a hot minute since we last saw the infamous KFC Colonel. The fried-chicken chain is bringing the colonel out of retirement and back into the spotlight in honor of its most recent overhaul.

Thankfully, the iconic Kentuckian didn’t get a modernized, hipster makeover.

In an effort to rebrand the image, KFC is reviving the chicken salesman with a slightly updated look. This goes in hand with KFC’s across the country going through major redesigns of interiors.


Along with the new look of the restaurants, KFC is adding a new items to the menu.  This includes Kentucky Baked Beans (made with baked beans and pieces of shredded chicken), Dole Classic Lemonade and tangy creamy Finger LickinGood Sauce.

Chicken buckets and boxes will also feature a new, updated look.

Like most iconic characters, Harland Sanders has gone through a bit of an evolution throughout the years. The Colonel began as a farmhand, then an army mule-tender, a locomotive fireman, an up-and-coming lawyer, a politician and many other jobs. Though, most of us have just come to know him as the elderly gentleman in an all-white suit.