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KFC Is Testing Secret Recipe FRIES In Select Locations

Photo: Peter Pham

I’m not ashamed to admit that Kentucky Fried Chicken’s potato wedges have hit the spot on more than one occasion when I’m trying to get my fried potato fix. While I’ll always pick fries over wedges, KFC hasn’t really given consumers the option of fries. At least, not until now.

The fast food fried chicken chain has begun testing SECRET RECIPE FRIES at select locations across the United States.

KFC’s new fries are apparently seasoned the same way as their prolific fried chicken — with 11 herbs and spices. I drove out to the nearest test location that offered them and can attest that they do have notes of the Colonel’s secret recipe, although I would have loved a more assertive presence of its flavor. Still, not bad. Coming from a textural standpoint, they’re not too different from Popeyes’ Cajun fries.

I wonder if Popeye’s recent fried chicken sandwich breaking the Internet has guided KFC to shaking up their menu? Rumor has it that these fries may be edging out KFC’s iconic potato wedges.

You can order the fries three ways: Small (in a paper bag), Individual (in a cardboard fry container), or Large (which comes in a large box). So far, these fries have been spotted in California, Indiana, and Michigan.


KFC Is Trying To Sell An Internet Escape Pod For $10,000

KFC might really be reaching with this $10,000, one of a kind Internet Escape Pod, but we’re sure someone will still buy it.

The pod is released at the time of year when the usage of your phone goes into overdrive. Cyber Monday sale alerts will start bombarding your e-mails, people will be posting way too many pictures of their kids’ handprint turkey art, and don’t forget those annoying texts from family members and friends about different holiday gatherings you’re basically forced to attend.

No worries though, the Internet Escape Pod can help shield you from all that stress. The pod is made up of a stainless steel mesh cage, 8 pound high-density architectural foam, and enamel paint. It also boasts a comfortable size that can fit 4 adults, and oh, has a disturbingly huge Colonel Sanders’ embracing the entire top of the pod, making sure no internet usage is going on.

If that’s your thing, you’ll need to act fast. KFC is selling only one pod, and they’re not planning on making anymore. Sure, there’s still the small matter of the $10,000 price tag, but it’s an absolute bargain compared to their first initial price of $96,485.34.

Or, I mean, you can just turn your phone off for free. But where’s the fun in that?

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KFC Is Selling A $5 Colonel Sanders Halloween Costume And Bucket

UPDATE: The costumes have already sold out online, but the buckets will still be available at restaurants starting Friday, Oct. 27.

Ready for Halloween? Cause we sure are.

In the spirit of the candy-filled holiday, Kentucky Fried Chicken is selling costume kits for $5. Inspired by vintage Colonel Sanders, the iconic figurehead of the fried chicken chain, the costume kit can be purchased at

The Halloween Harland ensemble includes a Colonel Sanders mask, white bib, and a KFC trick-or-treat bucket. Oh how we wished that bucket was filled with extra crispy fried chicken, though.

We got our hands on one of the costumes and Foodbeast’s resident scientist Constantine couldn’t resist having a little fun with the items.


If you want to get your hands on one of this KFC costume kits, orders place on the website by Oct. 23 are expected to arrive in time for Halloween. Beginning Friday, Oct. 27, participating KFC restaurants will give the buckets away to customers showing “Halloween Spirit.” This means dressing up is encouraged.

Oh hey, Constantine.

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KFC Ditches Celebrity Colonel Sanders Gimmick, Brings Back The Original Colonel

Over the last couple years we’ve gotten used to seeing KFC’s famous Colonel Sanders portrayed by celebrities such as Norm MacDonald, Dolph Ziggler, and probably the best of the bunch, Darrell Hammond. These guys all put on the white suit, a powdery white wig, and did their best Southern old folk impression.

Now it looks like KFC is turning away from the celebrities, however, as they revealed the latest Colonel Sanders will be played by, well, Colonel Sanders.

“We’ve had some amazing celebrity Colonels over the past two years, and each of them has put their own twist on our original Colonel Harland Sanders,” George Felix, KFC U.S. director of advertising said. “But no one can play the Colonel like the Colonel can play the Colonel.”

KFC hasn’t run an ad with the original Sanders since the 1970s, so this is a super throwback for the new generation.

It makes sense that they go back to the O.G. Colonel, seeing as the 60th anniversary of the Original Recipe fried chicken is coming up, so of course, they’re probably going to hype up the original aspect as much as they can.

One of their new commercials for the Original Recipe shows footage from a classic 1970s ad featuring the true Colonel Sanders himself. Then, they superimposed Norm MacDonald, as he sneakily hid behind a tree, watching Sanders eat chicken with a bunch of kids.

Yeah, it screams creepy, but it somehow works.

A second commercial seems more telling of what’s to come, as there is no Norm MacDonald or any other of the celebrity hacks they’ve used over the years. It’s just Colonel Harland Sanders and a couple of goth kids eating fried chicken.

So it looks like KFC’s plans for the immediate future are to take old Colonel Sanders commercials and edit them in some 2017 flare, to join two different eras.

Sure, some of the celebrity Colonels did a great job (Again, like Hammond) but nothing beats the original.

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KFC Dropped A Limited Clothing Line And Stuff’s Already Selling Out

From Cheetos to McDonald’s, the food world has been integrating itself into fashion, and for the most part, it hasn’t been too bad.

KFC is dipping its toes into the clothing world, too, and I’m not going to lie, I’d rock some of the clothes they just dropped. From the Fried Chicken USA sweatshirt to the drumstick socks, some of the items from this KFC collection are low-key fire.

They even have a lookbook with models wearing the shirts, socks, and other accessories, just like a legitimate clothing line would.

Sure it’s not exactly the next Supreme drop, but if you want a piece of this finger-lickin’ good apparel, jump on it, because once the items sell out, they’re gone forever. No restocks.

Unfortunately, some of the clothes are already sold out, but take a look of the goodies below, and grab what ya need at the KFC Limited store:


Tan Drumstick Socks- $8(Also in red)


Chicken Pocket Square- $12


Zinger Lapel Pin- $20


String Tie- $12


Gold Chain- $12


Drumstick Shirt- $30


Meal Shirt- $18


Colonel Suit Shirt- $18


Fried Chicken Sweatshirt- $76


KFC Pins- $18


Colonel Shirt- $34


Vintage KFC Shirt- $24


Patches- $12


Colonel Pillow- $14

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KFC Releases Its Own Smartphones To Celebrate 30th Anniversary In China

KFC could be out to prove itself the most tech savvy chicken joint in the world by going all-out for its 30th anniversary in China. It’s no secret KFC has been at the forefront of innovative items, like the phone charging Watt-A-Box meal deal or their edible finger nail polish — that actually tasted like chicken.

Now, KFC has announced that it is selling 5,000 units of a new, limited edition 30th Anniversary Colonel Sanders themed smartphone, that some are dubbing, “KFC’s iPhone Killer.

In celebration of KFC’s arrival to China back in 1987, the YumBrands! chicken giant has partnered with Huawei Mobile — a Chinese telecommunications company also founded in 1987 — to announce a smart phone already being sold online, at KFC “TMall” retailer for 1099 yuan, or $161.90 USD, according to the KFC Weibo page.

The Huawei X Kentucky Fried Chicken 30th Anniversary Phone is a, “limited edition line of Huawei [Enjoy] 7 Plus,” according to Fortune. The bright red device has a laser cut image of Colonel Sanders on the back along with the year “1987.” The phone features a 5.5-inch touchscreen, with 720 x 1290 pixels, along with Android 7 software.

The special anniversary device comes with a preinstalled version of the Kentucky Super App.  While it’s still a bit unclear what the Kentucky Super App is, the video, which was posted by Branding In Asia, shows users controlling the music inside KFC locations, which seems cool.

KFC is probably a long way from competing with Apple in terms of cellular devices, but there’s no question who makes the better chicken. However, this limited time release raises the bar on what should be expected from KFC, and other fast-casual eateries in the future.

Happy 30th KFC China, you’ve earned it.

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Uncovering If Colonel Sanders Was Even A Real Colonel


In some countries, being a colonel is the highest honor a military official can receive, so it makes you wonder, was KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders really a colonel?

The answer is yes, and no.

No, in the sense that he wasn’t a colonel in the way you’re thinking about.

While Sanders was in the military, there’s no cool backstory about him fighting in World War II, becoming a colonel, coming home and taking over the fried chicken world. He did, however, join the army in 1906, served in Cuba for a few months, got honorably discharged, and was never a colonel during his time served.

Yes, he was technically a colonel though, as in 1935, Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon named Sanders an honorary colonel for making kick-ass chicken. In 1949, Sanders was again appointed an honorary colonel, and pretty much just said, “I guess I’m a colonel now.”

As KFC grew, Sanders ran with the gimmick, donning a fancy white military-style suit, growing out his beard, and even dying it white.

So yeah, Colonel Sanders was actually an honorary colonel, but in the same way that Will Ferrell is now an honorary doctor. You probably wouldn’t want Ferrell operating on you, and you probably would’t want Sanders leading your military squad into battle.

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KFC Is Releasing An Official Colonel Sanders Comic Book

For those going to San Diego for Comic Con this year, expect to find a Kentucky-fried surprise. KFC announced that they’ll be appearing at the world-famous comic book convention with their very own comic book: The Colonel’s Adventure Comics.

The fried chicken chain tweeted the following:

Attached to the tweet was a cover image of the upcoming comic book. From the looks of it, the comic will be chronicling the secret origins of the Kentucky Fried Chicken patriarch.

Yet another reason we’re bummed we’re not going.