Adorable Short Illustrates The Relationship Between Coffee And Poop


Have you ever wondered the science behind drinking coffee and having to go to the bathroom soon afterwards? Discovery News created an adorable cartoon short detailing the relationship between coffee and bowel movements.

Essentially, coffee helps release gastrin in the body which stimulates the colon. The video, however, will explain the rest in a much more whimsical way.

Check it out below.

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?Coffee is a great way to wake you up, and it’s also a great way to keep you regular. What’s so special about coffee that it makes you poop?—–For a collection of all our videos, check out TestTube Video!

Posted by Discovery News on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Apparently, Butt-Chugging Coffee in Order to ‘Cleanse’ is a Thing


Florida residents Mike and Tina have taken couple’s bonding to a whole new level with their shared addiction to coffee enemas. This happy couple’s idea of romance involves sticking a Vaseline-coated hose into their spouse’s rectum and flooding their lower intestines with thirty-two ounces of coffee four times a day (for cleansing purposes, duh).

Neither Mike or Tina drink coffee because it’s “bad for their health,” but both husband and wife have developed very specific tastes for their anally-bound blends: Mike tends to go for a “saturated” drink that’s “on the cold side,” while Tina likes her fine espresso grind “warm and thicker.” Enemas have become a popular activity for many people looking to get a squeaky-clean intestinal tract, but Mike and Tina’s preference for coffee enemas is unusual. It’s also not medically recommended, a fact that’s emphasized by NYU Medical Center assistant professor of medicine Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, who “would never recommend coffee enemas.”

Mike and Tina are not typical enema enthusiasts; they each undergo more than one hundred enemas per month, earning them a place on the TLC show “My Strange Addiction,” which always carries a “do not attempt” warning for viewers at home. Somehow, we don’t think TLC has to worry too much about people attempting to replicate this particular couple’s activity. There are always a ton of people looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas, but we’re pretty sure Mike and Tina had the enema-as-romance market cornered as soon as Mike told TLC producers he assists his wife’s enema habit, “because I love her.”

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