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College Humor Introduces ‘Diet Racism,’ a Soda for Kind-of-Racist People


College Humor recently launched a tongue-in-cheek commercial about the fictional beverage, Diet Racism. The drink is marketed specifically towards anyone having strong opinions about a specific race or ethnicity, but usually tends to keep it casual or to themselves altogether.

Ever ask your Asian friend how to properly hold chopsticks? Diet Racism. Hit up your Jewish pal for a dope bagel spot? Diet Racism. Pretty much the drink for anyone who’s had a generalization about a race without ever vocalizing it. The short stresses that the soda’s not quite at the point where it can be considered racism, thus it’s diet racism.

Check out the inappropriately somewhat racist video below and see for yourselves.

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Beer Beer Goggles, Good Friends Always Hop Block [Video]


It’s the end of the night, and what are you drinking? Better not be slumming it with that macro brew. Keep that on the DL, ‘cause no one wants to be seen with you while you drink that Natty Light. You’re better than that. Come on man, you don’t have to settle. That dank Belgian stout has been wanting you all night, just man up and say hello.

Beer beer goggles. Sometimes you just need a friend to hop block. Thanks College Humor for looking out.

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What Your Drink Order Says About You [Hint: Don’t Order the Gin & Tonic]


What’s the difference between soda and water? Bitterness. At least when you’re out drinking (or not) with your friends.

From “hungover” to “f***ing driving”, here’s a guide to know how to read the mind of that guy who just ordered the gin and tonic in the next booth over. Hint: You’re probably not gonna like it.

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It’s okay, water drinkers. Everyone else at the bar is too drunk to remember how much of a buzzkill you’re being.

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Fast Food

KFC Brings Chicken Littles Back to the Menu, and They Totally Just Look Like KFC Snackers

After 20 years off the menu and hordes of fans petitioning and nagging and Facebook fan page-building, KFC has finally brought back its popular Chicken Littles sandwiches nationwide – “updated for the 21st century and even better than the original!”

For the unfamiliar: the original Chicken Little featured a soft dinner roll, a breaded chicken patty and a smidge of mayonnaise; and was, at least according to Brand Eating, “reminiscent of your childhood school cafeteria lunch” and “simplicity in itself.”

The new version, on the other hand, looks almost exactly like the KFC snacker, minus the lettuce and the sesame seeds and perhaps in a slightly more appetizing roll. They’ve switched the old chicken patty for an Extra Crispy chicken strip, topped it with pickle slices and the Colonel’s signature mayo and sandwiched it between two halves of a sweet bun.

Diehard purists all over the interweb have already voiced their dissatisfaction at yet another teasing, half-hearted return of their beloved sammich (the first being the Snackers themselves–introduced in 2005), though promotional images do look completely scrumptious. So while old fans may take a little more convincing, no doubt KFC’s Chicken Littles will have no want for new fans lining up to try them out.

New KFC Chicken Littles are available at KFC locations nationwide, $1.29 each or $5 for the combo (two sandwiches, a side and a medium drink).

And as part of their promotional campaign, KFC has teamed up with CollegeHumor to host a “Little Workplace Humor” video contest from now until September 18th, for a chance for contestants to win up to $5,000 for playing the best office pranks.

Have at thee.


Brunchables — Lunchables for Hipsters [VIDEO]

“Because breakfast is BLAH and lunch is LAME. Introducing, Brunchables!” Feeding the little hipster in all of us. This mini skit by the good folks at College Humor skewers the concept of a tasty, albeit incredibly bourgeois, brunch meal by catering it to some of the most discerning palettes around: Kids. Each meal comes complete with things like a mimosa pouches, couscous, and an independent cinema word jumble.


College Humor’s Drinking Soda Contest [VIDEO]

Comedians Amir Blumenfield and Ben Schwartz go at it in this recent College Humor sketch about Drinking Soda. Yes, Ben Schwartz is Jean-Ralphio from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In the following sketch, Amir and Ben somehow segue from useless banter to an over-the-top and equally useless drinking contest. Let the games begin:

Humor Video

College Humor’s Jake & Amir in a Kitchen [VIDEO]

For those unfamiliar with one of the web’s funniest comedic duos, let me introduce you to Jake & Amir. They work together over at College Humor and their web series revolves around Jake being continuously annoyed by Amir’s antics. In this particular video, Amir has broken into Jake’s apartment to prepare dinner. Let the fun begin: