A Trader Joe’s In New York Suffered A Terrible Fate During This Blizzard

Everybody loves when things don’t have roofs: convertibles, football fields, water parks, you name it. Unfortunately, when it’s the roof of your work that comes down, it makes for a pretty shitty Monday, as if they weren’t already shitty enough.

According to state-run New Jersey website, One Trader Joe’s in Westfield, New Jersey, dealt with that exactly, as the roof began collapsing due to the weight of the snow brought on by one of the strongest blizzards we’ve seen this century.

The roof began crumbling around 2 p.m. on Saturday, although thankfully no one was hurt. The store was obviously closed and will reopen again once the damage has been repaired.

As an option for the employees, the corporate office has offered to transplant them to surrounding locations until the damages have been mended and fixed.

Looks like no one ever taught Trader Joe’s how to “raise the roof.”


Photo Credit: New Jersey