How To Make BBQ Egg Rolls


When I was in college, this guy Nick from DudeFoods was one of my culinary heroes. There weren’t too many folks back then who could dream up a bacon-weave taco much less create one. Now working in the food industry, I actually got to know him and discovered he’s probably one of the sweetest guys around.

Speaking of sweet, the dude created some egg rolls stuffed with BBQ ribs and coleslaw.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • shredded rib meat
  • coleslaw
  • eggroll wrappers
  • water (for wash)
  • oil for frying
  • BBQ sauce for dipping

Here’s how to make it:

Take your rib meat and shred it as finely as you can.

Place a teaspoon full of meat at the center of the egg roll wrapper.

Add the coleslaw, about a little less than the meat portion.

Wet the edges of the egg roll wrapper. Wrap it.

Deep fry until golden brown.

Serve with BBQ sauce.


Pho-get About the Ramen Burger, How to Make a Pho Burger


Pho Burger // Photo: Peter Pham

Recently I was asked to create something out-of-the-box with some microwavable burger patties. All I had to do was turn on some imagination. Unfortunately, we were out of bacon, and mac & cheese had already been done to death. So I went with something I had a casual understanding of: Vietnamese food.

With the advent of the ramen burger, naturally, a pho burger came to mind.

The process was pretty simple, and straightforward.


Pho Noodle Bun

Making the buns was probably the most difficult thing about the burger, and even then it didn’t take too long.

I opened a package of uncooked pho noodles and boiled it in water. Don’t leave them cooking for too long, or else they’ll get soggy. About 30 seconds to a minute should be plenty of time under water. Drain the noodles and run cold water over them. You can set them aside to cool, but it’s just a waste of time.

Let the pho noodles drain as much as you can. Unlike the texture of ramen noodles, the pho noodles will retain more water.

Beat an egg and mix into the noodles until there’s a foamy layer around everything.

Find two smalls bowl that can shape your pho bun. Try your best to find a bowl that is roughly the same size as your burger patty.  Mold your noodle and egg mixture into the bowls. Then throw it in the freezer for an hour.

Once said hour is up, the noodles should be firm enough to gently remove. Carefully slide the bun onto a spatula and slip gingerly into a couple inches of hot oil.

Allow the buns to fry for about 30 seconds or until golden brown. Then remove them from the oil and set them aside.


The deep-fried Pho Bun // Photo: Peter Pham

Sriracha Beansprout Slaw

Take a few cups of bean sprouts and add sriracha and mayonnaise.

Also, a dash of salt and pepper definitely doesn’t hurt.


It’s a pho burger, so you’re gonna want to use pho toppings.

I made a hoisin butter sauce to go on top of the Ball Park Flame Grilled Burger Patties I used. Two tablespoons of butter and one teaspoon of hoisin sauce.

For the veggies, I used some raw onions, green onions and cilantro. If you like some heat, add some red and green chili peppers. Keep some lime on hand for more flavor.

Typically folks will throw basil on pho, but my fridge was fresh out. I substituted with mint instead, which tastes just as good, IMO, and makes for a prettier picture.

Stack the burger to your heart’s content and prepare to chow down.


This Burger Has an Entire Cajun Meal in a Single Bite


Burger 21 is a fast-casual burger restaurant scattered throughout the Midwest and East Coast. The chain specializes in crafted burgers and milkshakes. The newest addition to their menu is a burger that incorporates the best parts of a Louisiana meal into its entirety. Yessir, a Bayou Burger.

The Bayou Burger features a patty combining homemade andouille sausage and ground turkey. Andouille sausage is a type of smoked French sausage that consists of onions, peppers, wine and pork. The burger is topped with seasoned blackened shrimp and a spicy cajun coleslaw. It’s also dressed with remoulade and Sriracha.

The chain has been around since 2010, with it’s first location in Florida. Since, they’ve opened a handful of restaurants throughout the US. Kind of makes us wish there was one a little closer to home. Though if we’re going to the East Coast, might as well give authentic Cajun food a go too.


One Pound Homewrecker Hot Dog

What your looking at is a 15 inch, one pound  masterpiece that has been deep-fried, topped with peppers, onions, nacho cheese, chili sauce, jalapeños, mustard, ketchup, coleslaw, tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese! I bet i could take this thing down by myself! (Thx TIWYH)


BBQ Chicken Waffle Sandwich

A visceral mind trip. Wait. What? Are we talking about a sandwich? Straight from the mind of one of my favorite food bloggers, The Food in my Beard presents a BBQ Chicken Waffle Sandwich complete with chicken cooked with onions, jalapenos and bbq sauce, a slaw made of red cabbage, apples, carrots, mayo, cider vinegar and chipotle tabasco sitting between homemade waffles. Get out of here. Seriously. (Thx TheFoodinmybeard)

Adventures News

Hopmonk Tavern: Sebastopol, CA


A few weeks back I made a trip up to northern California to visit my uncle and cousins, for one of their high school graduations. Sebastopol is a small little hippy town full of long beards and indians, and clearly some amazing places to eat. Hopmonk is a tavern, bar, beer garden, and a dance club and after a long day it was the perfect place to eat and drink. Check the pictures after the jump:


Craving: Kentucky Nachos

A batch of potato chips layered with BBQ pulled pork, blue cheese crumbles, coleslaw, a dosage of cheddar cheese, and topped with sauteed onions and peppers. If it were me, I would drizzle a little ketchup and hot sauce on the entire ordeal and call it a night! (PicThx LilaLeatherman)


El Pollo Loco: BBQ Chicken Slider

The mini-food sensation continues, and El Pollo Loco is determined not to be left out of the loop. Available now, El Pollo Loco is offering a BBQ Chicken Slider for 99 cents. The mini-sandwichcomes with barbecued and flame-grilled chicken on a bed of coleslaw, sandwiched between a grilled mini-telera roll. (Thx FFM)