A Trick For Reheating Leftover Pizza [VIDEO]

If you’re of the community that doesn’t enjoy a cold leftover slice of pizza, then you’re of the community that needs their pizza to always be warm. Chances are, if you throw that pizza in the oven, you get a weird crisp and uneven stylings of heat throughout your slice, and if you pop it in the microwave, your crust ends up soggy.

What to do, what to do?!

Through the use of a pan, a foil cover and a few minutes over the stove, you can apparently get some nice crispiness to your pizza (the video creator even suggests doing it to JUST delivered pizza, if you’re a fan of an extra crispy/fresh dough). Here’s a look —

The Magic Pizza Reheat Method:


This LA Pizzeria Sells You Cold, 1-Day Old Pizza

Touted as “Economic Stimulus Pizza,” LA-based Pizzanista! is selling cold, day-old pizza for $1. The same funny-guys who pushed Carne Asada and Chorizo Burrito Pizzas but a few days ago. You gotta give it to these pie-makers for having fun with their genre.

It looks like every $1 spent on this deal will net you multiple slices, wrapped in plastic. A worthy idea for those looking to save a buck, and an even sweeter deal for those who enjoy cold pizza over its warm past-tense version any day of the week. Get happy, as they say —