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[WATCH] Angry Customer KOs Young Girl After Getting Cold Fried Chicken

When customers receive a wrong, or bad order, they can usually take it back, talk to a manager and have the matter resolved civilly. That’s not what happened at Qwik Chik in Baxley, Georgia, as a couple lost their minds, beat down the restaurant owner, and punched out her 15-year-old daughter after receiving an order of cold fried chicken.

Surveillance footage shows a woman initially attacking the store owner with several punches to the face, as the Georgia native tried her best to cover herself up. A few moments later, the owner’s daughter got sucker punched in the face by the man in the incident, knocking the teen down as she tried to diffuse the situation.

Both the mother and daughter were left with black eyes, and reportedly suffered multiple broken bones, according to KTNV.

The couple was reportedly upset that their chicken order was cold, and that they didn’t get enough fries.

The footage is difficult to watch, as the not only is the large man punching a young girl, but he really let it fly, like if he was in heavyweight fight.

The couple is still at-large, but hopefully gets caught soon after their gruesome actions.