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Look Out, Dunkin’ Donuts Nitro Coffee is Coming

Last year, coffee shops everywhere were jumping on board the newest industry trend: the nitro brew. It was (and still is) one of the most popular ways to enjoy your java, offering a smooth, creamy mouthfeel that reminds us more of drinking beer than coffee.

Starbucks joined the nitro phenomenon in May of 2016, and now we’re finally seeing the company’s biggest competitor preparing to throw its hat in the ring as well.

That’s right, Dunkin’ Donuts may be introducing its own nitro brew.

For anyone who doesn’t know, nitro brew is cold brew coffee that’s been infused with nitrogen, which is what gives it that irresistibly smooth finish without taking away from the strong coffee taste. And the Dunkin’s attempt at nitro promises just that; “a bold yet creamy and cascading coffee beverage”, that will be poured via tap.

Now, like many DD fans, you might be wondering why it’s taken the coffee giant so long to catch up to this major trend. The reason isn’t that the company was out of the loop when it came to nitro brew, but rather that Dunkin’ was trying to make this new product as accessible as possible.

“We have an internal group of coffee experts, as well as team members from marketing, operations and supply chain working together on our Nitro Cold Brew to make sure it’s right for our customers and our position as the #1 retailer of Iced Coffee in the U.S.,” said Chris Fuqua, Senior Vice President of Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Marketing. “Whenever we launch a new product, we focus carefully on getting the right product to our guests at the right time.”

Currently, Dunkin’ Donuts is testing their newest beverage at five locations in Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. If the product tests positively, the company hopes to have nitro coffee on their nationwide menu — however, there is no standing plan or date for this launch.

“Our marketing, culinary, operations and supply chain teams are working together with franchisees in Boston and Rhode Island to test Dunkin’ Nitro Cold Brew,” Fuqua added. “This will help us gather feedback, evaluate our ability to execute operationally, and determine if and when it fits within our long range plans.”

Fingers crossed, everybody.

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Wake Up, Turn Up: New Alcoholic Cold Brew Is Coming In May

It seems like alcohol and coffee collaborations are quickly becoming the hot new trend this year. We reported a few months ago that Jack Daniels whiskey-flavored coffee was available for folks to buy and brew at home. More recently, wine-infused coffee was also making a debut in Napa, CA, this year.

Now, we’re getting the first-ever alcoholic cold brew.

Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee is set to hit stores in the midwest United States this May. The alcoholic cold brew coffee in a can will boast 6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) as well as 180mg of caffeine. The beverage is said to be the first-ever amalgam of cold brew coffee and alcohol that can be purchased at grocery retailers.

The coffee was sourced from local coffee brewer Blackeye Roasting Co. and was steeped for more than 16 hours and infused with nitrogen before undergoing the canning process.

You can find the beverage at participating beverage retailers in the midwest United States beginning this May.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Latest Cold Brew Is Topped With Salted Whipped Cream

sweet and salted cold brew

The ever-popular combination of salty and sweet just keeps finding new ways to manifest itself in our food, and this time it’s in the whipped cream topping of a cold brew coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts announced a new beverage called the Sweet & Salted Cold Brew, in an official press release, today. The drink utilizes Dunkin’ Donuts’ Cold Brew Coffee, which is then sweetened with liquid cane sugar and topped with a brand new Salted Whipped topping. While the official make-up of the topping is proprietary, we’re guessing it’s a sweetened, salted whipped cream.

According to Dunkin’ R+D Technologist Janet Rock, the new beverage was inspired by a salty-sweet coffee in China. While salted caramel is already a common flavor on the Dunkin’ menu, going for this new salty whipped topping is a new, gutsy move that came out of more experiments by Dunkin’ Donuts’ R+D team to innovate around the salty-sweet combination.

Apparently, adding a pinch of salt to whipped cream helps to keep it stable, so it’s not unheard of to put salt into whipped cream. It also plays into the sweet-salty dessert combination that the entire world is obsessing over these days.

Vanilla Truffle Donut Silo

Also coming to the Dunkin’ Donuts menu as a part of this release, is a new Vanilla Truffle Donut, which has a vanilla creme filling and is topped with white and dark chocolate curls.

The two new products are only available for a limited time, but are now in Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide.

I’ll definitely be checking this new salty-sweet concept out.


Caribou Coffee’s Hot Cold Brew Is The Most Confusing Coffee Ever

Okay, Foodbeast fam. I’m officially confused.

There’s a new coffee product from Caribou Coffee called the “Hot Crafted Press.” The coffee chain currently sells “Crafted Press” as their variation on cold brewed coffee, which is steeped for twelve hours and has a little sugar and vanilla to balance out the flavor.

The “Hot Crafted Press” takes that cold brew coffee and puts it through the steamer on an espresso machine to generate foam and warm up the coffee. Basically, their cold brew has been turned into a hot cold brew.


Why would you take something that customers perceive to be a cold beverage and warm it up? Does it do something to the flavor? How is this different from regular coffee? What’s the point?

I just don’t see the difference between this and regular coffee. In fact, it may end up being worse for you as the heat probably kills off beneficial compounds that you get more of in the coffee, like chlorogenic acid that slows the absorption of fat and antioxidants to help cleanse the body.

Plus, if I want hot coffee, I’m just gonna get regular hot coffee, not fancy cold pressed coffee heated up again for God knows what reason.

Sorry, Caribou, but I’m not down with this new coffee product of yours.

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Starbucks Is Putting ICE CREAM In Their Coffee

If someone had to ask me what my favorite dessert is of all time, I’d immediately tell them it’s an affogato. This perfect blend of cold, creamy ice cream and warm, bitter espresso is ideal for any time of the year, and is the perfect way to end any day.

Usually, I have to go to a fancy-ish coffee shop that has ice cream and coffee to pick up one of these awesome desserts. Now, I’m going to be able to find one in my local Starbucks.

After the success of their ice cream beverages in the Seattle-based Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room and some specialty stores across the U.S., Starbucks has finally decided to test them out in their traditional cafe stores. According to the Orange County Register, half of the 200 Starbucks cafes in Orange County will be serving their affogato, cold brew malt, and cold brew float beverages starting TODAY.

All three beverages are made with vanilla ice cream from a small-batch creamery in Washington, and the difference in the beverages depends on the coffee. The affogato is a scoop of ice cream with two shots of espresso poured over it. The cold brew float takes either regular or Nitro cold brew and pours it over ice cream, while the cold brew malt blends the ice cream with cold brew concentrate and chocolate bitters.

Affogatos have been among the top five drinks ordered at the Roastery, which is a place where Starbucks’ new premium drinks are often tested before their release into stores. It’ll be exciting to get a taste of one of these, as well as seeing how the affogatos do in a more traditional Starbucks setting.

I’m just happy I have many more places to go get an affogato now.

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7 Starbucks Drinks That’ll Have You Wired All Day

We’ve all had that late night where we caught a random Thursday night concert in Los Angeles, got home at 1 a.m., then woke up four hours later to rush to work and write a story about the strongest drinks Starbucks has to offer, absolutely needing one of those drinks yourself.

While we all have our favorite drinks that help keep us awake and functioning through our hectic days, I thought I’d find out which Starbucks drinks give you the biggest jolt.

The first thing I learned was that even though Starbucks will give you whatever you want, they don’t recommend, nor advertise drinks with more than five shots of espresso. You can go ahead and knock yourself out with a 47-shot Frappuccino, but that’s a super customized drink that’s not on menu.

If want to load up on caffeine, and really put a shock to your system, bigger is usually better at the mega coffee chain. A lot of their venti drinks have a borderline-scary amount of espresso shots, and their new cold brews will kick your ass, too.

These are the best pick-me-ups Starbucks has to offer. Go with any of them, and you’ll surely get wired:

Venti Double Shot On Ice


Their grande-sized Double Shot energy drinks are pretty effective in their own right, but when you upgrade to a venti, those two shots of espresso turn into FIVE shots. So a venti gets you more than double the caffeine that’s in the canned energy drink version, with a total of 375 milligrams.

Venti Caffe Americano


A venti Caffe Americano is essentially just espresso and water. While not as exaggerated as the venti Doubleshot, the Americano serves up four shots, and is also popular for being a low-calorie option. All those shots come out to be 300 milligrams of caffeine, with a total of 25 calories.

Venti Iced Caffe Americano


This is literally the exact same thing, just iced. If you’re not a fan of hot drinks, the iced version has your back, with the same amount of shots, same calories, and same caffeine content.

Narino 70 Cold Brew


A venti iced Cold Brew doesn’t need a bunch of shots to get you hyped up. The African brew has a robust 300 milligrams of caffeine and will definitely make you feel like Tweak from South Park.

Nitro Cold Brew

The new Nitro Cold Brew isn’t available nationwide, yet, but those of you who can get your hands on the nitrogen-infused coffee know that it is Hulk strong. A grande contains 345 milligrams of caffeine, and is so strong, they don’t even offer a venti, for your own safety.

Pike Place Roast


The Pike is one of Starbucks’ standard cups of coffee, but don’t underestimate its strength. Standing alone, without any crazy modifications that most other drinks require, the Pike has 410 milligrams of caffeine in a venti, and 310 milligrams for a grande. Hell, the tall 12-ounce cup has 235 milligrams in it, which is more than a 5-Hour Energy Drink‘s 230 milligrams.

Blonde Roast


If you’re looking for the absolute king of caffeine, the Blonde Roast packs the biggest punch with 475 milligrams of caffeine for a venti. Even a grande has more caffeine than almost everything else on this list with 360 milligrams. You probably drink these on the daily and don’t even realize that you have enough caffeine in you to have a Jessie Spano-like meltdown.

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SECRET MENU ALERT: How To Order A Pumpkin Spice Nitro Latte at The Coffee Bean

Photo by Peter Pham

Basic bitch season is finally upon us, and while you’ve probably already had your first, second, and third pumpkin spice latte, we’re willing to bet you’ve never tried it in Nitro Cold Brew form.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s secret menu game is coming strong this fall, as the seasonal addition of pumpkin spice sauce means we can start asking for it in Nitro Cold Brew form.

The workers are most likely aware of the Pumpkin Nitro Latte drink, but if they’re not, they certainly have the ingredients for it, so, worst case scenario, you just have to order it as a “Nitro latte with pumpkin sauce added.”

We went to go try the drink ourselves, and the youngster at the register looked at us like we were crazy, going as far as to say, “That’s never been a thing.” Luckily his coworker swooped in, told him that it’s a part of the secret menu, and showed him how to ring it up. They came out to exactly $5 each for a regular-sized drink, which is a weird total, but whatever.

Photo by Peter Pham

If you’re not familiar with Nitro, it’s nitrogen-infused cold coffee that comes straight from a tap and is ready to serve with no ice needed.

Pro tip: with Nitro as a base, you can actually add any of The Coffee Bean’s flavored sauces to it, whether it’s caramel, peppermint, or pumpkin spice.

We were hoping they’d be a little more orange in color, but if you think we’re pulling your leg, here’s a bright orange photo from their Facebook account:


If you’re one of those people that loves secret menus, this one’s loaded with pumpkin spice, and there’s a good chance you’ll be the first of your friends to try it.

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This Machine Can Make ‘Cold Brew Coffee’ In Only 10 Minutes

Cold brew is a modern masterpiece. The cool version of coffee is typically made by steeping coffee grounds for a long period of time in cold water. While we’d love to drink as much cold brew as we can through the day, the tedious steeping process makes it harder to come by or is a tad too expensive for our wallets.

Prisma, new instant cold brew maker, may just have changed the chilled coffee game.


All you have to do is add your preferred ratio of ground coffee and water, press the start button and find something to do in the ten minutes it takes to brew your coffee. Typically, a decent cup of cold brew could take from 12 to 24 hours.

The process of making cold brew is sped up through use of a specialized vacuum infusion method.

Currently an Indigogo campaign, the project raised more than $135, 371 in backers at the time of publication. At 90 percent of its $150,000 fixed goal, it’s still got eight days left. A minimum backing of $279 will get you a model of the coffeemaker.

If we get one, we’ll probably save money making our own cold brew in the long run. Right?