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McDonald’s Is Finally Testing Cold Brew Coffee As A Beverage Option

While cold brew coffee has been hot on the market for a few years now, McDonald’s is finally jumping on the bandwagon and adding their own customizable version of the iced beverage.

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

The new McCafe Cold Brew Coffee is currently being tested in 74 locations in the San Diego area. Customers can choose their levels of cream and sugar and can also add in flavors like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. There’s also a Marble Cold Brew that features a “sweet creamy syrup” along with the addition of light cream.

This is different from the frozen Cold Brew drinks that McDonald’s tested earlier this year, which were more like their version of Starbucks Frappuccinos.

McDonald’s said the cold brew is stronger than that of their regular coffee, but representatives couldn’t confirm the actual caffeine content of the new cold brew.

It is currently difficult to customize the amount of sweetness and cream inside McDonald’s McCafe beverages, as they usually come pre-set, so having this new option will be ideal for coffee lovers who prefer straight black or barely sweetened iced coffee.

McDonald’s is conducting the test in San Diego for a limited time, and if it performs well, there’s always the chance we’ll see the cold brew launch nationwide.

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These Cold Brew Packs Give You Jugs Of Quality, Affordable Coffee In Just 24 Hours

Cold brew has quickly become one of the smoothest and most flavorsome ways to enjoy an iced coffee. However, home cold brew kits tend to be on the expensive side, and coffee shops charge quite a bit more if you want some.

Up until now, cold brew fanatics have had to spend a little more out of pocket to get their morning caffeine fix. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, with the inexpensive way one company is approaching homemade cold brew.

Southern California-based coffee brand Don Francisco’s has developed a cold brew “pouch” that makes it both simple and less costly to make your own at home. A 4-pouch pack can make up to 96 ounces of coffee (or 12 cups) in total, and costs just under 9 dollars. The product is certified organic and uses 100% Arabica beans, too.

Don Francisco’s product works by creating a concentrate of cold brew that you then dilute with ingredients of your choice. The preferred way to start off is by dropping 2 packs into 4 cups of water and letting that steep for 24 hours. You then add 3 cups of filtered water and voila! you have delicious cold brew!

Making cold brew at home means you can get pretty creative with what goes inside the beverage. Infusions with mint, adding a dairy (or plant-based milk) of your choice, or even turning it into items like popsicles and affogatos are all possibilities.

The cold brew pouches themselves aren’t a new technology, but Don Francisco’s are one of the most affordable ones on shelves. At Sprouts, a California-based natural grocery store chain, Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth found similar products from other coffee companies, but at nearly double the price of Don Francisco’s 8-dollar price tag.

That doesn’t mean they’re skimping on taste, though, as the custom blend of medium-dark roast grounds inside are 100% Arabica, meaning you’re getting the most flavor possible out of a coffee bean thanks to both their quality and the 24-hour chilled steeping process.

You’re also getting convenience, simplicity, and affordability from the cold brew pouches, meaning that you can get some quality iced coffee pretty easily without breaking out the big bucks at a coffee shop every morning.

What cold brew concoction would you make?

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Starbucks Testing Cold Brew Coffee


The coffee giant seems to be behind on the cold brew coffee craze, I mean, even Chick-Fil-A announced a nationwide rollout of their new iced coffee and they specialize in all things chicken.

For now, Starbucks is keeping their new cold brew on the down low offering it for a limited time in select Boston locations, but once they’re out for the day, they’re out. The small batch coffee is brewed for 24 hours in a Toddy cold brewer using single origin Ethiopian beans. Until Starbucks decides to debut the cold brew nationwide you can just make your own at home, the coffee chain sells the same Toddy cold brewer they’re using on their website.

The new cold brew coffee shouldn’t be confused with the iced coffee that the chain already offers. Cold brew coffee is brewed with room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time, usually about 12 or more hours, and results in a coffee concentrate with a sweeter flavor profile due to its lower acidity. Iced coffee is coffee that has been brewed in hot water then poured over ice, but, iced coffee can also mean cold brew coffee over ice. Got it? Yay, science!

With the heat waves here in SoCal and just our warm weather in general the cold brew coffee would probably do particularly well in our neck of the woods. You hear that Starbucks? Why not push the Pumpkin Spiced Latte launch a few weeks (because it’s not even Fall), and bring on the cold brew coffee.

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