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These BBQ Sauces Come in ‘Cola Leather’ and ‘Tobacco Moonshine’ Flavors


We love us some good sauces like ooey gooey marshmallow or deliciously Creamy Sriracha Sauce. You know, the kind that satisfy our offbeat cravings. But never before have we come across a topping that fulfills our desire for rootbeer and pickles or Cola and leather. That is, until now.

Todd’s Concoctions was created so people could “taste the redneck rainbow,” and thus sauce flavors like Cola Leather BBQ and Tobacco Moonshine BBQ were born. If those flavors aren’t novelty enough for ya, the line also features Marshmallow Smoke Ketchup, Chewing Gum Tobacco Ketchup, Squid Ink Cayenne Hot Sauce and Rootbeer Pickle Hot Relish.

Todds Concoctions

Honestly, when’s the next time you’ll be able to flavor that burger with a dash of chewing gum tobacco essences? Our guess would be never, so we suggest to get your hands on these sauces while you can.

Todd’s Concoctions, $14.19 @Firebox

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Packaged Food

Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos Exist, Prepare for the Apocalypse


According to contemporary consumer taste buds, a simple glazed donut or cheeseburger is no longer enough. No, we demand innovation and by “innovation” we meet bacon-infused-ice-cream-stuffed-into-a-deep-fried-meat-patty. By innovation, we mean the cronut, waffle chicken tenders and ramen burgers.

Our appetites seem determined to never eat another boring tuna sandwich again. . . unless it’s slathered in Sriracha and Nutella. So, why stop at mashing together some of the snack world’s most classic offerings? Yes, Pepsi-flavored Cheetos now exist.

“These Pepsi-flavored Cheetos are the latest food hybrid to spit in the eye of Mother Nature. They are from Japan,” Steve from The Impulsive Buy writes. According to Steve, the Frito Lay Cheetos x Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa Cola Corn Snack bears a noticeable “flat cola” aroma mixed with the familiar smell of cinnamon donuts. The  Cheetos are coated with a cola powder with an strong citrus taste that unfortunately overpowers the sweet cola flavor.

However, the Cheetos x Pepsi mash-up does have one redeeming trait: The snacks carry a distinct fizz with “definite popping and crackling.” 

While this particular bag was hunted down on eBay for $3.99, you can swoop one up if you just so happen to be in Japan.

Welp, here’s to the end of mankind as we know it. Cheers, folks!

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38 Stitches to the Face is Why You Should Never Freeze a Cola Can Again

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt, and for a young boy in China, pulling the tab on a cola can left in the freezer was anything but a good joke.

The accident occurred a few nights back on August 25th, when a young Chinese boy pulled back the tab on a can of cola that had been sitting in his freezer for several hours. According to the boy’s mother, the moment the boy pulled open the tab, the can exploded and sent aluminum shrapnel flying at his face.

While the boy was lucky to avoid any shrapnel to the eye, he ended up with 38 stitches to the lower part of his face, 31 of them lining the cheek area and and 7 on the inside of his mouth.

Curiously, the mother of the victim spent the next day posting pictures of the incident to Chinese social network site Weibo. Her hope was to raise awareness of the danger of putting carbonated beverages in the freezer.

RocketNews24 reminds that cans are designed to hold a certain volume of liquid. When carbonated beverages are frozen, the water expands as it turns to ice, and the carbon dioxide gas gets squeezed out of the mixture as it solidifies.    The pressure on the inner walls of the cans becomes a ticking time bomb.

Most of the time, when carbonated beverage cans are left in the freezer, the product explodes on its own — out of harms way, only depressing because it leaves a sticky residue that no one wants to clean up.

In the case of this poor Chinese boy, a ‘sticky mess’ has an entirely different meaning:

[Thx Weibo, Sohu, RocketNews24]


Pop Rocks Candy Hopes to Dispel the Myth That Tandem Soda Consumption is Deadly

It takes a pretty gullible person to believe that digesting Pop Rocks candy in tandem with a serving of soda can lead to your stomach exploding. But let’s pretend that the general population is that gullible, and that there are indeed a plethora of kids walking the streets with cola + Pop Rocks grenades in their stomach.

The Pop Rocks brand is embracing the myth, a story that traces back to a kid named “Mikey” that had supposedly died as a result of the ‘deadly’ combo. The myth gained serious tracking because ‘Little Mikey’ was the same cute kid who gained fame from the LIFE cereal commercials.

Mythbusters dispelled the rumors on an episode a few years back,  but the Pop Rocks brand has turned the entire ordeal into a marketing campaign. Pop Rocks Inc. is asking consumers to film one-minute videos featuring someone ingesting Pop Rocks and a carbonated soft drink.

If there are no deaths on screen, this could prove to be an interesting campaign for the brand. The company is giving away an iPad as the grand prize during the course of their “Dispel The Myth” video challenge, which runs through June 10th.

More information is available on the Pop Rocks Candy Facebook page, if you’re so inclined to risk the truths of childish urban legends.


SeaWorld Drops Pepsi as Official Beverage, Signs With Coca Cola

A serious blow to Pepsi lovers everywhere as SeaWorld Adventure Parks sign a one-year contract with Coca Cola. The exact value of the deal between the marine-based theme park company and the soft drink giant has not been publicly disclosed.

Coca Cola‘s reign over the parks will begin January 1, 2012 which means that SeaWorld and it’s 10 parks across the US will exclusively serve Coca Cola beverage products.

[via Sign On San Diego]

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Root Beer Cupcakes

Imagine one of the most iconic sodas in history turned into an edible cake. We’re looking at Root Beer Cupcakes that utilize a chocolate base that has been infused with some old fashion root beer. The frosting is made of dark chocolate and a splash of root beer as well! The entire cake is topped off with a root beer cola gummy bottle! (Thx Cookbookarchaeology)