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The Definitive Difference Between Coke and Pepsi’s Taste

If you prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola, I feel bad for your life decisions, but I at least respect your right to be wrong. If you’re in the camp that “soda is soda” and think they all taste the same — wrong!

Apparently the answer to why they’re so different has been hiding in Malcolm Gladwell’s 2005 book “Blink.”

According to Gladwell, Pepsi has more of a citrus flavor, while Coke has more of a vanilla-raisin taste.

He also said the citrusy taste from Pepsi usually leads it to win blind taste tests because it gives a stronger initial flavor blast, while Coke’s is a bit smoother.

Gladwell’s analysis does make sense when you see that Pepsi’s ingredients do include citric acid, which occurs naturally in citrus fruits.

Coke’s ingredients are noticably lacking in the citric acid department:

So there is a true difference in the taste, and if you enjoy the citrus tanginess that Pepsi provides, more power to you. I’ll just never understand how anyone can drink one of those glass bottle Mexi-Cokes and still want to side with Pepsi.

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There’s A Reason Why McDonald’s Coca-Cola Tastes Better

I’m so excited by this revelation, because there’s finally a basis for something I, and probably a lot of you already thought. I’ve sworn on my life that Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald’s, but I never knew how to explain it. I just knew it was.

As it turns out, there’s actually a legitimate argument to that claim as McDonald’s Coke is arguably fresher and colder than most places.

Apparently the secret to McDonald’s addictive Coke lies in its temperature, storage, and water filtration, according to Spoon University.

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It all starts during the delivery stage, where the soda is transported in stainless steel containers, instead of plastic bags, like other restaurants do. Putting them in steel containers helps preserve its fresh taste.

McDonald’s also keeps its Coke cold by using an insulated tube that extends from the back of the refrigerator all the way to the dispenser. The tube has cold water constantly running through it, which helps keep the soda temperature just above freezing, and the CO2 levels at their peak, making sure the carbonation lasts longer.

Perhaps the biggest secret, is in the water. McDonald’s spends a lot of money on its filtration system, so the water going into the Coke, as well as the ice, is filtered pretty heavily, giving it a cleaner taste. 

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Hell, even the slightly wider straw is done on purpose, as McD believes it helps the Coke “hit all your taste buds,” according to its site.

One last secret involves the syrup, which McDonald’s pre-chills before putting into the soda dispenser.

Such tremendous effort in order to make their Coke taste fresher and colder.

Now you know you’re not crazy. When you drink that large Coke at McDonald’s you can tell your friends it’s better because they keep it extra cold and extra filtered.


Coca-Cola Plus Claims To Be The Healthiest Version Of Coke Ever

Over the decades, there have been many variations of Coca-Cola. The iconic brand has gone from the Classic flavor, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Life, Coke Zero, and now…Coca-Cola Plus.

According to Rocket News 24, the beverage company is testing the healthiest soda they’ve produced so far in Japan. In fact, it’s boasting an improvement of health.

So what sets Coca-Cola Plus apart from the rest of the beverage line?

Aside from having no calories and no sugar, the bottle is said to contain five grams of indigestible dextrin and other dietary fibers. The company states that drinking a daily bottle with your meal will reduce the absorption of fat from you food as well as moderate the triglyceride levels in your blood.

Coca-Cola Plus seems like a sweet compromise if you’re looking to improve your health while still craving the Coke flavor.

While the new product is not yet available for purchase, you can pre-order the a pack of 24 bottles through Amazon for 4095 yen ($35.79 US). It’s set to ship on March 27, 2017.


Beautiful ‘Cherry Blossom’ Coke Bottles Are Coming To Japan


Cherry Blossom season is upon us and Coca-Cola released a sweet new beverage in Japan. The soda company has announced a special sakura-flavored edition of Coke that’s set to hit select locations for a limited time.

Sakura, also known as cherry blossoms, can be found in several countries including Japan, China, Korea, Europe, and the United States. The flower inspired many beverages including a popular Starbucks frappuccino as well as a Pepsi version.

Now, it’s Coke’s turn.

The slim bottle boasts a cherry design that puts the flowered image of spring in Japan front and center of the packaging.

Coca-Cola plans to release the beautiful bottle on Feb. 13 just before Valentine’s Day and will be available through the spring. Kinda sounds like a pretty sweet gift, if you’re looking for ideas.

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Watch What Happens To A Tooth When Left Inside A Coke Bottle For A Week

We’ve all heard the old adage, soda rots your teeth. Have you ever wondered if there was actual truth to that? YouTuber DaveHax gets to the bottom of this with a simple experiment.

Using his six-year-old nephew’s recently lost tooth, he dropped it into a bottle of Classic Coca Cola for a few days just to see what would happen. After the third day, he noticed there was some discoloring and decided to leave the tooth inside for full week.

After carefully straining the bottle, Dave notices that the tooth has gone from pearly white to dark brown/black with noticeable corrosion and a layer of gunk outside. The roots of the tooth, which was initially thinner, had now become flexible and came apart with even the slightest of pressure.

Overall, the tooth was completely stained and devoid of any white. Dave decided to refill the bottle and leave it for another 24 days, completing a month-long cycle inside the soda. He says he’ll post another update after the month comes to a close.

Definitely going to take a break from sodas for a while after viewing this. Remember kids, always brush your teeth.

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Mixing Liquid Nitrogen And Coca Cola Will Send Your Bottle Into The Stratosphere

We’ve tried throwing Mentos into a bottle of Coca Cola tons of times in our youths. The chemical reaction caused by adding the mint candy to the carbonated soda creates a jet stream of foam that violently spills from the tip of the bottle. A cheap and messy experiment that’s perfect for any teenager trying to kill a Saturday afternoon.

In a remix of that concept, experimental YouTuber, The Crazy Russian Hacker, did a little test on his driveway to see if adding liquid nitrogen to a bottle of Coke would produce similar results as combining Coke with Mentos.

After adding some liquid nitrogen to the nearly full Coke bottle, the CRH flipped the soda around. The bottle was pretty much transformed into a homemade rocket ship, as it shot into the sky thanks to a combination of the carbonation and the cryogenic fluid.

Check out the video to see the complete experiment. Needless to say, you definitely should not be trying this at home.


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5 Science Experiments You Can Try With A Coke Can

The Crazy Russian Hacker is one of the most interesting dudes on YouTube. You may remember him as the dude who turned Nutella into a fire starter.

In his latest video, he shows us five quirky little experiments you can do with a simple can of soda. Low-key, we kind of wish we had this guy as a science teacher. I probably would have stayed awake more.

Let’s check ’em out real quick and see what kind of wacky things come from a our midday caffeine fix.

The Imploding Can

The first and most dangerous of the experiments requires you to boil some of the water inside the Coke can and submerge it face down into a bowl of water.

The interior of the can should instantly concave, leaving a crushed can that you won’t have to lay a finger on.

This one, he stresses, kids should not try at home.

Blowing A Can Out A Glass

Put an empty soda can into a glass bowl and blow sideways. The can should propel out of the glass with a decent amount of force.

The Russian Hacker even tries to make a game out of it, seeing if he can shoot the can into another cup.

The Suction Cup

A pretty cool party trick, we find out how to get a can of soda to stick to your forehead. Press the bottom of the empty can against your forehead until a vacuum is created.

If done right, it should stick to your head like a soda-slinging demon from hell.

Balancing On The Rim Of A Jar

If you’ve got the patience, this trick is probably our most favorite. Fill an empty can of soda with about 100 mL of liquid. Then, carefully place it on the rim of a jar. Use your hands to steadily balance the can until you’re confident it can stand on its own.

Your friends will argue that you glued the can on, to which  you can gingerly tap it and shatter their perceptions.

The Sink Test

Finally, we get a visual look at how different diet sodas are compared to regular. Using a fish tank, the two variations of Coca-Cola are dropped at the same time. The original sinks straight to the bottom while the diet float to the top.

A great trick to see which beverages are more calorie friendly than others.

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Walmart Store Features Tacky 9/11 Tribute Via Soda Display

With September 11th this weekend, we prepare to honor the lives of those lost on that horrific day nearly 15 years ago. A Walmart in Florida, however, tried to do so in very poor taste.

The retailer held a massive soda display featuring the World Trader Center built with boxes of Coke Zero.

It was directly below a banner reading “We Will Never Forget” was a rollback price of $3.33 on a carton of soda displayed between the Twin Towers.

According to BuzzFeed, Twitter user @online_shawn was strolling through a Walmart in the Sunshine State when he noticed the display. He then snapped a picture and posted it to his Twitter.

His post garnered national attention with many people shaming the company for trying to make a buck off  of the tragic date in such a distasteful way.

The in-store build out has since been taken down, according to a spokesperson for Walmart.