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Coke Zero Is Getting Replaced And The Internet Is NOT Happy About It

It’s almost time to say goodbye to one of America’s more beloved diet drinks.

Soda-making giant Coca-Cola has decided to pull the plug on Coke Zero and replace it with a brand new soda: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The brand is marketing this as the “new and improved” Coke Zero and calls it their “best tasting zero-sugar Coca Cola yet.”

The new Coke flavor is set to hit shelves this August, but many people on the internet would rather that Coca-Cola leave their beloved Coke Zero alone.

To make matters worse, those who have already been able to find the new soda in stores have confirmed what we’ve all been dreading: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar tastes nothing like Coke Zero. Considering that the current Coke Zero reminds fans of regular Coca-Cola and the original Diet Coke, that’s got to be a devastating blow.

One thing that fans can rest assured about, though, is that Coca-Cola has confirmed that the Cherry, Vanilla, and Caffeine-free formulas will not be changing, so at least those will all taste the same.

Still, it’s a bummer that we’ll be missing out one of the better-tasting diet sodas out there as it gets replaced by what appears to be a worse-tasting version.