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Watching This Sparkler-Wrapped Coke Can Slowly Explode Is Exhilirating

Usually sparklers are the safe firework you hand to kids on the 4th of July, but sometimes, they’ll straight blow shit up.

These sparklers did the latter, as YouTube channel Mr Gear used them to light up a Coca Cola can, and burn through other foods.

The sparklers were taped around the can as you watch them burn around the can, eventually leading it to explode and fly off the table.

In the video, Mr. Gear also dug holes through an orange and banana, stuffed them with sparklers, and let them burn for a fruity celebration.

There isn’t a real explained purpose for this experiment, but we can only imagine that he likes burning Coke products, seeing how he also used a hot knife to cut through a bottle in the past.

The whole video’s pretty cool, but if you’re just intersested in seeing a Coke can blow up, forward to the 5:00 minute mark below:


The World’s Smallest Dog Is The Size of A Can of Coke

I’ve never been the type of person who likes tiny dogs. I see no need to carry one in my purse, and what if you sit on it by accident?!? But this little– and I mean little— pooch named Meysi just might make me change my mind.

At 7 centimeters tall, 12 centimeters long, and 250 grams (that’s about 2 cups of microwave popcorn), Meysi is the size of a soda can. She still has eight more months until she is one year old and thus eligible for the official title of “World’s Smallest Dog” in the Guinness Book of World Records, but I ain’t questioning it. This preemie-sized pup could use my Blackberry as a boogie board. She probably wrestles hamsters and travels in a take-out carton. And just forget about her using the stairs.

The terrier crossbreed lives in Poland, where she undoubtedly elicits squeals of joy everywhere she goes.

Watch the video of Meysi dancing around a can of Coke and doing other adorable things that will make you die from cuteness:

via Laughing Squid/photo courtesy of Zeibiz