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Oreo Releasing Coffee-Flavored JAVA CHIP Cookies Next Year

Image courtesy of Oreo

Somewhere out there in the vastness of modern civilization, there is someone who has a house stocked with every Oreo flavor that’s ever existed. Well, that individual will have to add two more to that dream house. 

Next year, Oreo has announced they’ll be releasing a new Java Chip-flavored cookie and a Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie

The Java Chip will boast a coffee-flavored creme that features tiny little chocolate chips, and the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie sounds pretty similar to a Nutella-flavored confection. 

Image courtesy of Oreo

Arriving in stores in January 2021, the two new flavors will become a permanent addition to the Oreo lineup. You can bet we’ll be buying a bag or two of these as soon as they drop. 

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PEEPS Slurpees & PEEPS Lattes Are Now At 7-Eleven

Spring is here and we’re officially in Peeps season, folks. Love them or hate them, with the advent of Spring comes such a hype for these little animal-shaped marshmallows that continues to polarize both classrooms and offices alike. Almost as much as candy corn. Almost.

Leaning into the spirit of Peeps, 7-Eleven just released two new beverage options, both inspired by the prolific, ear-forward marshmallow treat.

The first is a Peeps-flavored Slurpee, which the brand has been teasing since February. This marks the first-ever marshmallow-flavored Slurpee from 7-Eleven (what were they waiting for??). Second, Peeps takes the form of a Peeps Latte that’s offered in the hot beverage dispensing machines.

Those looking for a sweet kick of marshmallow should be sure to give these drinks a taste!

Peeps lovers, you can check out these flavors at your local 7-Eleven throughout the month of April. You can also have them delivered for free through 7Now, 7-Eleven’s delivery service, with the promo code FREE4U.

Fast Food Plant-Based

Starbucks Launches A Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich In Canada

Plant-based proteins are finally making it onto fast food breakfast menus and as a breakfast lover who’s unable to eat meat for the next few months, I couldn’t be happier to have another morning option that isn’t fruit or oatmeal.

After flocks of customer requests to add more diverse protein options to the menu, Starbucks locations throughout Canada will be releasing a Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich early next week. Next week, Beyond Meat fans up north will be able to sink their teeth into these meatless breakfast sandwiches.

The Beyond Meat, Cheddar, and Egg Sandwich is made with a 100% plant-based Beyond Breakfast Sausage comprised of ingredients such as soy, peas, brown rice, and gluten. Paired with a fried egg, and a slice of cheddar cheese, the sandwich is loaded between two slices of English Muffin.

While meatless, the new breakfast sandwich isn’t truly vegan — as it still contains egg and cheese. The chain, however, says all you have to do is take the egg and cheese off upon ordering to get that full vegan effect.

Look for this new sandwich at all Starbucks locations across Canada beginning March 3.

Full disclosure, I own a share of Beyond Meat.


You Can Buy This Mug For Ketchup, Fulfilling All Your Fry-Dipping Fantasies

As much as I love In-N-Out, my biggest gripe with their ketchup containers is that I’ll need to fill multiple ones to meet my standard fry-dipping requirement. Really, it’s any burger joint that carries those dainty little paper cups. Surely there’s something out there that can meet our ketchup requirements. Thanks to some mild innovation, there’s a solution that will solve anyone’s condiment woes.

One of the newest items to hit the Foodbeast Merch Shop, the Katchup Mug is here for all your ketchup dipping needs.

The Katchup Mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as 100% reusable. You can purchase the item here for $13. A companion mug that houses Ranch is also available at the Foodbeast store and comes highly recommended for your Ranch dipping needs.

Wonder if I can also use it for coffee?

Fast Food

McDonald’s Is Turning Their Coffee Waste Into Car Parts For Ford

Fast food sustainability is the next frontier to be tackled and McDonald’s seems to be ending the year on an ambitious note with their latest venture. The Golden Arches announced that they’re turning coffee bean waste into car parts.

In collaboration with Ford Motor Company, the burger chain is taking coffee chaff — the dried skin on the bean that falls off during the roast — and converting it into a durable product that’s used to strengthen vehicle parts.

Under low oxygen and high temperatures, the coffee chaff is heated and mixed with plastic and a few other additives and made into pellets that can be molded into different kinds of shapes. Ford Motor says that coffee chaff actually much better heat properties than the materials that they currently use.

McDonald’s goes through millions of pounds of coffee chaff every year and typically it’s used for things like garden mulch or charcoal. Through this collaboration, a new alternative use for the wasted material presents itself for the fast food chain. This effort will divert waste from landfills, use significantly less petroleum, and lower CO2 emissions through the production of bioplastic car parts. McDonald’s expects to source 100 percent of its consumer packaging from recycled or renewable sources by 2025.

Wonder how many car parts I’ve contributed to with all the McDonald’s coffee I’ve had over the years?

Drinks Health

Studies Suggest That Drinking Coffee Can Lower Your Risk Of Obesity

English researchers have discovered that a cup of coffee can stimulate the „brown fat” deposits in your body, which could mean that it is a great ally against obesity. 

There are plenty of jokes on the internet about how coffee can literally save your life. I, personally, think of it as my superhero. Plenty of us cannot possibly imagine getting up in the morning without having a nice steaming cup. I get headaches if I don’t! But what if coffee can really save your life? A group of researchers from the University of Nottingham think that might actually be the case. They say that just one cup of coffee a day can activate your body and be an ally against obesity.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports. It is the first study conducted on adults that tried to make sense of the mystery of brown fat, a type of fat found in our bodies. This would have a key role when it comes to how fast we could burn calories and transform them into energy. Unlike brown fat, white fat is the result of your body storing excess calories.

Brown fat, an ally against obesity

Brown fat can be found in humans and certain mammals. You’ve probably already heard about the BMI or Body Mass Index. It is used in medicine to determine the risk a person has of developing diseases because they weigh too much or too little. According to the English scientists, people with a low BMI have a higher percentage of brown fat in their bodies.

Until recently, it was widely believed that just hibernating mammals and babies have this type of fat, but scientists have discovered recently that we all do, in fact!

Professor Michael Symonds, from the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham who co-directed the study, said: “Brown fat works in a different way to other fat in your body and produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to cold. Increasing its activity improves blood sugar control as well as improving blood lipid levels and the extra calories burnt help with weight loss. However, until now, no one has found an acceptable way to stimulate its activity in humans.

“This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions. The potential implications of our results are pretty big, as obesity is a major health concern for society and we also have a growing diabetes epidemic and brown fat could potentially be part of the solution in tackling them.”

Health Recipes

7 Pre and Post Workout Snacks To Maximize Your Performance

Maximize your workout with food? Nutrition Expert Larry Silvestro says yes.

Fitting the right meals in before and after a workout is like assembling a puzzle. All the pieces go together and it’s quite the accomplishment! Leave something out and the whole effort is incomplete. Larry Silvestro,  a NESTA-certified Nutrition Expert at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo Laguna Beach, says adding certain foods to your workout routine can not only provide serious benefits, it can improve your overall athletic performance.

Before You Sweat

Photo: Saute Magazine

“Anytime is safe to eat before a workout,” Larry says, “But it’s best to eat 30 minutes to an hour before your workout to let your food digest and allow your carbs to convert to blood sugar to be utilized.” He says the old adage about waiting an hour after eating to swim or run simply isn’t true. “My mom used to make me wait 15 minutes after eating before I could go swimming because she believed that you would get stomach cramps and drown, but it is an old wives tale. You can eat prior to working out or swimming,” he reveals.

“Providing blood sugar for your workout is the goal, but don’t overdo it,” he says of the pre-workout meal. “These meals cover all the bases as far as providing energy and muscle repair.”

  1. Plain yogurt topped with blueberries and raw walnuts
  2. Apple with almond butter
  3. Protein smoothie with the protein of your choice (whey or vegan), coconut water, spinach and avocado

Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Renaissance ClubSport

“Coffee is a great pre-workout drink, as it improves focus, increases performance and accelerates fat loss,” Larry says, but cautions that those with high blood pressure should consult their doctor beforehand.

After the Workout

Eating after your workout is equally important to restore and replenish, but not everyone is hungry after a lot of exertion. Larry lists different ideas depending on your workout, but says everyone should hydrate, whether you’re thirsty or not.

Renaissance ClubSport
  1.   Egg whites and brown rice. “Egg whites have Leucine, an important amino acid that increases muscle protein synthesis,” he says. “The brown rice is a whole grain carbohydrate that replenishes glycogen stores and also has probiotic supporting fiber found in whole grains.”
  2. Turmeric protein shake. “It has protein for muscle repair and turmeric that is full of the antioxidant curcumin, which has been shown to help decrease muscle soreness and damage, as well as help with inflammation.”
  3. Coconut warer. “Hydration is a big consideration after a hard workout and for that I like coconut water. Coconut water has electrolytes, antioxidants and carbohydrates which makes it a well-rounded recovery drink,” he says.

Common Mistakes

“The most obvious mistakes that I see when [gym] members come to me with their diets is they consume too many carbohydrates and too much processed foods. All carbohydrates are a form of sugar and most people’s activity level does not match the amount of carbohydrates they eat. They simply consume more energy than they burn and the end results could be more body fat,” he says.

New Addition to Your Diet

“One of my favorite products that we sell here at our club is UCAN. UCAN is a super starch, a modified non-GMO cornstarch that acts as a slow releasing carbohydrate that gives you steady and sustained blood sugar. UCAN comes in a powder that you can add to your smoothie in place of fruit or in a bar for convenient pre-workout snack,” he says.

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5 Perishable Foods That Shouldn’t Be Bought In Bulk

The temptation is big when it comes to shopping at the supermarket: get as much as possible, to save time and money. But some perishable foods are not to be hoarded in your pantry.

You know one of the things I can’t stand? Wasting food. I’ve done that for too long and it just makes me feel guilty but also determined and willing to do better in the future. So, buying perishable foods in bulk can be a huge waste of resources and they take up so much space.

If you think about it, buying less of these products won’t mean an extra trip to the store, not necessarily. But you will most definitely waste less money thanks to that. So which are those perishable foods you should stop buying in bulk? Strap yourself in and let’s go through them, right now!

5 perishable foods to buy less of

1. Brown rice

This is a delicious food with plenty of health benefits to go around. It’s much more nutritious than white rice and it’s simple to cook. It’s only natural that you would want to have as much of it as possible. But what if… you shouldn’t? Because, basically, I am here to tell you to not get too much of it. The reason is pretty simple. This lovely grain is rich in natural oils (more so than its relative, white rice, which is less perishable) and the oils are the part of the brown rice that can make it go rancid. It can last for up to six months outside of the freezer, as long as it’s in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Perishable foods rice
Brown rice can last for up to six months outside of the freezer.

2. Coffee

If you’re a coffee addict, like me, then maybe you like to get way too many beans of your favorite kind of Arabica, or whatever it is you prefer. I like mine dark and rich like the souls of my ex-boyfriends. But have you ever noticed that after a while coffee starts to lose some of its flavor and aroma? Well, keeping it for too long in your pantry might be one of the reasons your coffee tastes bad. So don’t buy in bulk, or you might end up having a coffee that is just not good enough.

Perishable foods coffee
Do not keep coffee too long in your pantry! It will lose its flavor!

3. Flour

Do you feel like making some waffles or pancakes in the morning? Well, what do you do if you suddenly discover that your flour is no good? Who wants to go to the store instead of having breakfast? And before you ask, yes, your huge bag of flour might not keep for too long. If you keep it in your pantry for too long, then it might retain and attract moisture. And that obviously won’t… sift well in your pancakes (I am sorry for my terrible puns).

Perishable foods flour
Your pancakes will be fluffier if you use good flour.

4. Yeast

You should never buy this leavening agent in bulk because it doesn’t keep for that long thanks to its active enzymes. These create carbon dioxide when exposed to moisture and basically destroys your yeast. So how long does it last? It depends on the type of yeast you have and the storing method you choose. Dry active yeast lasts for 2-4 months past printed expiration date, in the pantry. And cake yeast lasts for1-2 weeks after the expiration date. If you keep them in the refrigerator, they can keep for 4 months, respectively 2-3 months.

Perishable foods yeast
Yeast doesn’t keep for long because of its active enzymes.

5. Spices

One time I tried to do this whole makeover for my kitchen and I got huge jars for my spices and felt super happy when I looked at them, all colorful and with such nice textures, sitting on my spice rack. The problem? After a while, a short one even, they got pretty stale. And then I could only use them for decoration purposes. But think about it, it makes sense. You’re only supposed to use a pinch of spices in your dishes, or your mouth will be on fire. So it takes a long while to empty one of those jars. And by then it might be too late.

Perishable foods spices
Spices tend to become pretty stale if not used for long periods of time.

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