Start Your Morning with the Force: Nestlé Star Wars Coffee Machines

These limited edition Nestle Star Wars coffee machines will ensure that the force is with you every morning. There are two editions, so you can get your Light Side or Your Dark side on, depending on your preference. The C-3PO version comes with the saying “THANK THE MAKER” on the side while the Darth Vader variety reads “THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE.” Ha. We see what you did there, Nestlé. And we like it.

The catch? The 5,000 units in existence planned for release only in Japan and are most likely all sold out by the time you’re reading this. Hopefully, they’ll be circulating eBay soon enough. Insert obligatory rant about Japan’s monopoly on cool and geeky products.

Each kit is priced at approximately $120, complete with the featured mug and a light saber stirrer.

The Alliance


The Empire

More info at  PRTIMES (Japanese)

via OhGizmo!