I’m Giddy AF Watching This Jedi Casually Use The Force To Make Breakfast

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just days away from being unleashed to the public and it has everyone feeling like a jedi warrior.

It would be pretty sweet to have the force on your side while you do mundane, everyday things and Viner Max Goodrich gave us a glimpse of what that would look like.

While preparing his Rice Krispies, the cereal, bowl, milk and spoon all work in unison to get Goodrich ready for the day ahead.

Check out the hilarious Vine video below:

h/t thatsnerdalicious


The Man Behind Fried Cereal

Fried Cereal

Every morning during the commute to the FOODBEAST office, I’m either listening to Madeleine Brand and Larry Mantle on KPCC or some new tunes from KCRW. I felt very fortunate to catch the end of Madeleine’s show yesterday because I got introduced to the man behind Fried Cereal, Charles Phoenix.

Phoenix is known for his previous culinary contributions including the Cherpumple, a dessert version of the Turducken/Inception Dessert combining 3 cakes and 3 pies into 1, and the Inchezonya, an entree that combines lasagna and enchiladas!

Phoenix’s fried cereal includes a fine mixture of name-brands including Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Cap’n Crunch, Cocoa Krispies and Fruit Loops. I definitely think adding some Cinnamon Toast Crunch wouldn’t hurt! What brands would YOU put in your fried cereal?

Phoenix’s videos definitely put the kitsch in Kitchen, but his culinary creations are definitely worth taking note. Below find his videos for Fried Cereal and the Cherpumple.


Cravings Sweets

Chocolate Cheerio M&M Cocoa Krispie Cake

You always need a little pick me up when your studying, and this does the trick. This crazy cake is made out of semisweet chocolate chips, butter, mini marshmallows, chocolate cheerios, cocoa krispies, peanuts, and colorful mini M&M’s! Most definitely a great pick me up during finals! (Thx TCEOO)