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British Chef Tells Gordon Ramsay To ‘F*ck Off’ About Cocaine Use In Restaurant Industry

Notable British chef, Neil Rankin, owner of Temper restaurant in London, isn’t very impressed by Gordon Ramsay’s recent expose on cocaine use in the restaurant industry. Rankin called it “out of date bulls*it,” and even blamed Ramsay’s abrasive reputation for employee drug use in the first place.

In a strongly worded Facebook post that has now over 2.5 thousand likes and over 500 shares, Rankin went hard on Ramsay, saying that chefs are treated a lot better these days, and the industry has come a long way, but people like Ramsay are what made the job “unappealing,” for years, as employees were mistreated and overworked, likely leading to the very drug use he’s speaking out against.

Ramsay probably felt he was doing the world a service by digging deep into the cocaine business, and openly talking about how it has affected the industry he loves so much. The documentary has received a lot of positive feedback, as it is a very informational piece that not only talks about the restaurant industry, but the drug industry as well.

At the very least, Ramsay has successfully sparked conversation, and brought attention to the subject. Not everyone might agree with his cocaine-exposing journey, but it didn’t hurt to bring the topic to light.

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McDonald’s Manager Distributed Cocaine Inside Of Meals While On Duty

A McDonald’s manager was apparently giving some customers even more reason to be lovin’ their meals.

Frank Guerrero, a night shift manager of a McDonald’s in the Bronx, was recently arrested for distributing cocaine following three months of undercover investigations by local authorities. Guerrero made at least eight sales to an undercover cop during that time period.

As the nighttime shift manager for that McDonald’s for eight years, Guerrero had established a system for his clients to come pick up drugs. While most nighttime patrons have to wait in the drive-thru line, Guerrero would open the door for his drug customers to enter and receive the cocaine they had requested.

These sales happened while other employees were working, and to disguise them, Guerrero hid the cocaine inside of a meal bag on multiple occasions.

Authorities also searched Guerrero’s home and found drugs along with over $5,000 in cash hidden inside his child’s playroom. Charges being filed against him include criminal sale of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminally using drug paraphernalia, and unlawfully dealing with a child.

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Study Shows Energy Drink Consumption Can Lead To Cocaine Use

Who knew that Monster energy drinks would be a bridge to riding the white horse? Well, that’s what a recent study believes, anyway.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health showed a strong correlation between energy drinks, cocaine use, prescription stimulants, and even alcohol use, according to UMD Right Now.

The study was posted in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, and tracked 1,099 first-year college students up until age 25. The university monitored how often they drank energy drinks and concluded, “Such individuals appear to be at high risk for adverse substance use outcomes, and results suggest possible specificity regarding cocaine use…”

They even found that by age 25, these energy drinkers were at risk of developing alcohol abuse.

You could see some similarities between energy drinks and cocaine, albeit cocaine is probably a tad bit stronger. Then there’s the energy drink that just straight up called themselves “Cocaine,” adding a warning label that read, “Warning – this beverage should be consumed by responsible adults. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in excess excitement, stamina, fun, and possible feeling of euphoria.”

Also a disclaimer in this study, they didn’t find a direct link between energy drinks and stimulants, as it remains unclear why the correlation would exist, but they felt there’s enough there to cause concern and look into it further.

Energy drinks could be the problem, or it could be that they decided to survey a bunch of college kids who apparently have the money to afford drugs and alcohol, party all the time, and need energy drinks to get them through the semester… because they’re college kids.

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Kim Kardashian Swears The Powdered White Lines In Her Snaps Are ‘Candy’

UPDATE: Kim jumped back on snapchat to address the fan allegations, and as she streamed the table in question, it appeared that she was wrong, and it was not candy lines. Unless she’s pulling some witchcraft, the white lines were actually part of the pattern on the marble table. She calmly reiterated that she is a mother, does not adhere to a crazy party lifestyle, and that drug use is not her thing.

Original: Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to announce some new products in her children’s clothing line, but all anyone can talk about were the highly sus powdery lines in the background.

As Kim talked up the new customized kids Yeezy shoes, there seemed to be powdery white lines on a table behind her, leading people to believe she was involved in some drug activity.




Kim immediately addressed the issue, saying the white lines were sugar, after having a candy-filled day with her daughter North at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York, yesterday.

Her story checks out, as she really was at Dylan’s with her daughter, but people don’t seem to be buying it, as the “sugar” seems to be suspiciously lined up and spaced out the way a cut up drug would be, ready to become nose candy.



Also, we’ve seen snortable chocolate in the market now, so maybe she was just trying to get a similar sugar high.

Kim didn’t remove the snap, so for the next couple of hours, the world can watch the vid themselves and form their own opinion, but in the end, it is her business what she does with her “sugar.”

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Someone Invented Snortable Chocolate For Those In Love With The Cocoa

If you want to teach your kids how to do cocaine, but don’t want them actually getting a strong high quite yet, there’s finally a bridge.

According to the Washington Post, Coco Loko is a snortable chocolate powder that gives you a buzz without all the nasty side effects from actual drugs.

Coko Loko is made by Legal Lean, a company that created a drug free version of cough syrup that can be used like the popular illegal mixed drink.

Some of the effects claimed to come from the powder are an endorphin rush, serotonin rush, euphoric energy, and a calm focus. That means, in one fell swoop, you’ll get a feeling of ecstasy and energy, while reducing your stress and anxiety.

That sounds like a lot of work coming from chocolate, but that’s because the powder is basically an energy drink, containing not only the cacao, but gingko biloba, taurine, and gaurana — all ingredients you can find in energy drinks.

People have actually reviewed this sweet, legal cocaine already, and while some have liked it, others weren’t too keen on the idea of putting things up their nose.

The Washington Post noted that the FDA isn’t quite sure how to regulate this yet, but that there’s no major concerns about snorting it, other than creating a chocolaty mucus in your nose.

Legal Lean was created to provide a drug-free alternative to the popular cough syrup-based drink, and now we have a drug-free version of cocaine.

Cacao is one hell of a non-drug.

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Mom Mistakenly Thinks Her Daughter’s On Meth, Apologizes With Cake

Moms always fear the worst for their kids. If you don’t answer their phone calls, they think you’re dead. If they catch you kissing your partner, suddenly you’re dating a whore. Let’s not forget the favorite of every son, or daughter: if you’re acting strange, at all, you’re on drugs.

This hilarious throwback tweet from a girl named Rachel Gelmis showed the result of an accidental failed drug test that freaked out her mother.

Gelmis, now 20, said her mom requested her high school conduct a random drug test on her, which is already a paranoid thing to do. The test results showed that Rachel was not only on drugs, but she was on every drug. When the false test got back to her mother, she was mortified to find that her daughter wasn’t just on something mild like weed, but cocaine, meth, and even heroin, too.

As you can imagine, mama Gelmis was going to help her daughter fight this addiction, the only problem is that the school misread the test, and Rachel was actually as clean as Will Smith’s rap lyrics.

An apology cake was in order, as her mom was embarrassed and sorry for doubting her daughter’s sobriety. The cake read: “Sorry we thought you did coke & meth & pot & heroin.”

Now she’s off to college, probably doing all those drugs, for real.

Just kidding, Mrs. Gelmis. You have nothing to worry about, although you probably will anyway.

h/t distractify

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$55 Million Of Cocaine Found By Coca-Cola Workers Inside A Shipment


Coke and coke have finally been linked together again, as a Coca-Cola shipment in Signes, France had 50 million eruos-worth ($55 million) of cocaine hiding inside.

A whopping 370 kilograms, or 815 pounds, of the drug were found within a container of orange juice concentrate, making it one of the largest drug seizures in French history, according to BBC.

The Coca-Cola factory workers were the ones who found and reported the snow-filled package that traveled there from Costa Rica, according to Bloomberg. Investigators have also said that the workers had no involvement in the drug investigation.

While the name of the drink company shares nicknames with the drug, it’s even funnier when you take into account that up until 1929, there were actually small traces of cocaine in Coca-Cola.

At least the blow wasn’t inside any of the orange drinks, cause that would have led to some chilling O.T. Genasis-like mornings for the French community.


Hong Kong Customs Seize Over $2 Million Of Liquid Cocaine Hidden In Dragon Fruit


Drug dealers recently tried to smuggle over $2 million worth of liquid cocaine in dragon fruits shipped from South America to Hong Kong.

On Wednesday, customs officials discovered liquid cocaine filled in the hollow centers of 98 dragon fruits that were a part of a large shipment of the fruit, which arrived at the airport. Authorities at the Hong Kong International Airport spent over four hours opening 160 crates of dragonfruit.

According to South China Morning Post, a source elaborated that the smuggling scheme was sophisticated and innovative:

“Part of the fruit layer was peeled off and pulp was removed before liquid cocaine was injected into the hollow center and the layer glued back on. From appearance, it was hard to distinguish the ones concealing illegal drugs. Officers had to inspect them one by one.”

The shipment was confiscated by customs who inspected nearly 2,000 dragon fruits, also known as pitaya fruit, on Tuesday. The 98 fruits concealed with drugs were spread out among 50 different boxes of fruit. The source added:

“Each dragon fruit carried about 130 grams of liquid cocaine. A total of 15 kg of liquid cocaine was seized inside the 98 fruits. The haul has an estimated street value of HK $15.7 million.”

The air freight reportedly made its way to Hong Kong from Colombia via Britain, reported The Standard. The dragon fruits were selected for inspection as fresh fruit shipped overseas by air are usually picked up on the same day of arrival.

The 36-year-old man tasked with picking up the cargo from the airport terminal on Tuesday night was arrested upon arrival and held for questioning. It is uncertain yet whether the shipment was destined for local consumption in Hong Kong or for export.

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