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This Is What Happens When You Try To Fuel Your Car With Coca-Cola [WATCH]

With the costs of gasoline as high as they are and emissions being a global warming concern, we’re always searching for the next fuel alternative out there. As a result, folks have made their biofuels out of things ranging from corn to McDonald’s leftover fryer oil. Recently, one YouTuber decided to test out Coca-Cola as a new theoretical gasoline replacement.

In the video, YouTube user TechRax attempted to partially fill the tank of his 2003 BMW 325i wagon with a 2-liter Coca-Cola bottle. Some gasoline was already in the car, but TechRax wanted to see how the Coke would fare as well. After filling it up, he took the car out for a test drive.

While the drive went smoothly at first, the vehicle sputtered out and broke down after just a few minutes of driving. TechRax did note a fizzy sound, likely from the carbonation, coming out his car partway through the ride.

At a repair shop, TechRax discovered that the Coca-Cola car fuel experiment was a failure. He had caused more destruction to the car than what it was worth, with the fuel pump and filter both needing replacement at the least. Between the assessment and initial damages, repairs came out to over $1500 easily (the car initially cost $1000). And that was before the repairman had time to check the engine for further potential damage.

Based on that, it unfortunately looks like Coke won’t be a potential fuel substitute. You also probably don’t want to try to replicate TechRax’s experiment at home, considering he basically killed his car in the name of science.

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Coca-Cola’s Latest Luggage Collaboration Furthers Trend Of Food and Fashion

Fast food companies have been taking the fashion industry by a storm as of late. Just this year alone, Taco Bell collaborated with Forever 21 to create some fashionable foodie wear, and KFC has been creating surprisingly stylish and exclusive drops for their online store.

Long gone are the days of fast food companies just slapping their logo on a plain white shirt and calling it a day. The food industry has started investing a lot of time, money, and effort into creating new, fashionable merchandise because, believe it or not, they actually sell really, really well.

So why does foodie fashion work? Exclusivity may be the name of the game, causing everyone to want to get their hands on a limited piece to show off on the ‘gram. Or it may be it’s because consumers have realized that food and fashion are a major part of their lifestyle, and they want to be more expressive about that.

Nevertheless, the trend of fashionable foodie items is still peaking, and it sure isn’t planning on halting anytime soon.

Now, Coca-Cola has recently teamed up with HEX, a renowned fashion accessory brand, to create innovative laptop and sneaker bags with the iconic “Enjoy Coca-Cola” logo on them. And I must say… they look pretty damn good.

Feast your eyes on the collection, which will surely be the next big thing for those who love food and some swag with functionality:

The Sneaker Sling: $70

The Sneaker Backpack: $160

The Sneaker Duffel: $170


Multiple Major Soda Brands Sued Because Their Diet Soda Claims Are ‘Deceptive”

Six different individuals have filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. for misleading advertisements regarding the companies’ diet soda options.

The six individuals, who have all struggled with obesity and looked to diet sodas to help with weight loss, claim that the aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener that’s used in the diet sodas, have made them gain weight instead.

Aspartame, a sugar substitute that’s also sold under the name NutraSweet and Equal, is used heavily in “diet” labeled foods. According to Boston Magazine and a 2016 study from Massachussets General Hospital, when aspartame is ingested, a compound called phenylalanine is produced. Phenylalanine has been proven to interfere with IAP, or intestinal alkaline phosphate, an enzyme that helps prevent diabetes and weight loss. According to that same article, artificial sweeteners have been shown to make consumers hungrier, leading them to binge eat in the long run.

Therefore, with these proven studies, the suits claim that marketing these beverages as “diet” is false, misleading, and unlawful.

Derek Smith, whose law firm is the lead counsel for all three lawsuits, said that their case will focus on aspartame, but noted that all artificial sweeteners behave the same in our bodies.

Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple has called the lawsuit “meritless” and claims to “vigorously defend against it.” PepsiCo has yet to make an official statement.

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Coca-Cola Buys Sparkling Water Cult Favorite Topo Chico For $220 Million

While everyone’s currently been obsessing over LaCroix as a favorite sparkling water brand, another company, Topo Chico, is on a mainstream trajectory. The company has been bottling sparkling water in Mexico since 1895, but has gained a lot of traction in the USA recently, especially in Texas. With that rapid growth in mind, Topo Chico has just been given the ability to rival or exceed LaCroix’s popularity much faster thanks to an acquisition deal with Coca-Cola.

topo chico

Photo: gina pina on Flickr

The soda giant recently announced that it had acquired the sparkling water brand for what Forbes reports to be $220 million. For the two brands, the deal is sort of an alliance of old friends, as Topo Chico facilities bottled the first ever Coke sold in Mexico and Arca International, Topo’s former owner, is a massive bottling partner for Coca-Cola.

For Coca-Cola, the new brand acquisition is a chance to rebound in a struggling soda industry. As soda sales hit a 30 year low and the sparkling water category is growing in the double digits, it makes sense for Coca-Cola to pick up one of the heavy hitters in the fizzy water world. With Topo Chico flourishing as of late, buying it is a smart pickup that should help numbers improve for the massive soda business.

As for Topo Chico, they get the ability to expand their already popular brand even further while holding true to their roots. Coca-Cola has already pledged to keep the same sourcing location for the water in Monterrey, Mexico, and use the same bottling facility Topo Chico has already been utilizing, meaning that current fans won’t notice a change in their beloved sparkling water.

Topo Chico has gained a massive following amongst millennials and the craft cocktail world, especially in Texas, where 70% of its U.S. sales currently occur. The brand ships out approximately 250 million bottles to the US every year, and is currently available in 35 total states.

Coca-Cola Emerging Brands VP Matt Hughes thinks it will be a global name within the next decade, which goes to show how much confidence Coca-Cola has in their old friend and business partner.

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You Can Now Find Coca-Cola Coffee Inside Of Japanese Vending Machines

While the possibility of blending Coca-Cola with coffee has always been around, actual Coca-Cola coffee didn’t exist until now.

Kotaku reports that the new drink goes by Coca-Cola Coffee Plus and is only available in Japanese vending machines. Although Japan is no stranger to unexpected vending machine items, this is truly a unique and intriguing find. It’s a little pricey at about 130 yen (or $1.20 US) per can. However, it only adds 42 calories to your diet and contains just 34 mg of caffeine per 190 mL can. Thus, you’re getting a low-calorie pick me up that won’t leave you buzzing all day long, which is a plus.

However, the flavor profile of this new drink has come into question. So far, the coffee-soda blend has received mixed reviews. Local site Shin-Souhin describes the aroma as “odd,” and didn’t really care for the taste. Despite that, another Japanese site, ASCII Gourmet, apparently enjoyed its flavor.

There’s no telling if this is coming to the United States as of right now. That being said, we would definitely love to try Coca-Cola’s coffee out, but it does seem like something we can easily hack at home. Nonetheless, we’re curious as to what the soda company’s own version of this blend tastes like, and would love to snag some for ourselves.


How Much Soda You’d Have To Drink For It To Literally Kill You

Leave it to ASAP Science to find out how much of our favorite foods can actually kill us, and why. Sure, a lot of times it’s a ridiculous amount, like when we learned that we’d have to chug 70 cups of coffee at once before you actually croak, but it at least eases our minds when we overindulge in such foods.

The science-based YouTube series is back with another “This Much Will Kill You” video, and they cover a few different foods.

While you’ll be happy to know that it takes a whole lot of effort to die while eating sugar and bananas, it’s a whole lot easier to eat a lethal dose of nutmeg.

Here’s the rundown:

The video points out that a 150-pound human being would have to consume 10.5 cups of sugar for it to be deadly. Sounds unreasonable, but let’s do a little math to see how much that equates in terms of soda, just because it’s easy to drink your sugar in soda form.

There are 200 grams of sugar in a whole cup, so that means the deadly amount of sugar would equal 2,100 grams of sugar. A 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola contains about 234 grams of sugar, that means you’d have to drink a about nine 2-liter bottles of Coke in one sitting to equal the death-inducing 10.5 cups of sugar.

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As far as bananas go, you’d have to eat 480 before you reached the same dangerous dose of potassium found in lethal injections.

What Asap Science fails to mention, is that it only takes one bite of banana to go down the wrong pipe and choke you to death. Unlikely? Probably, but so are the chances of anyone eating 480 bananas.

The video also highlights that you’d have to eat 129 teaspoons of pepper at a time before passing out and dying, and while it sounds ridiculous, I’ve seen numerous people try to swallow cinnamon, so I wouldn’t put it past someone like Steve-O to try and test this pepper theory, but please don’t. Just trust the science, Steve.

The scariest part of this video, though, is how little nutmeg you need to eat before it’s a killer dose. While the pepper and bananas might seem a little unlikely, just 2 teaspoons of nutmeg can cause you to convulse, and even die.

So it is possible to overdose on foods, but scientifically, it’s fairly hard to do, and hopefully needless to say, do not try any of this at home, just appreciate the science behind it.

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Coke Zero Is Getting Replaced And The Internet Is NOT Happy About It

It’s almost time to say goodbye to one of America’s more beloved diet drinks.

Soda-making giant Coca-Cola has decided to pull the plug on Coke Zero and replace it with a brand new soda: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The brand is marketing this as the “new and improved” Coke Zero and calls it their “best tasting zero-sugar Coca Cola yet.”

The new Coke flavor is set to hit shelves this August, but many people on the internet would rather that Coca-Cola leave their beloved Coke Zero alone.

To make matters worse, those who have already been able to find the new soda in stores have confirmed what we’ve all been dreading: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar tastes nothing like Coke Zero. Considering that the current Coke Zero reminds fans of regular Coca-Cola and the original Diet Coke, that’s got to be a devastating blow.

One thing that fans can rest assured about, though, is that Coca-Cola has confirmed that the Cherry, Vanilla, and Caffeine-free formulas will not be changing, so at least those will all taste the same.

Still, it’s a bummer that we’ll be missing out one of the better-tasting diet sodas out there as it gets replaced by what appears to be a worse-tasting version.

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These Guys Built A Rocket Using Nothing But Butane And A Coke Bottle

You shouldn’t try this at home. Playing with butane gas is never a good idea. Butane gas is extremely flammable — its primary use is to start fires. If not used in a well-ventilated area, butane gas could blow up your house. If you try this and send it to us, we will not acknowledge your existence.

Thanks to the dozens of previously attempted experiments found on the Internet, it’s become public knowledge that if you top off a half-full Coca-Cola bottle with butane gas, and then flip the bottle, a spontaneous reaction occurs that causes the bottle to take off like a rocket.

It’s pretty damn incredible. But also dangerous. It’s especially dangerous to attempt any type of science experiment without wearing protective eyewear, which these guys did not use. It’s dumb. But also entertaining. Sort of.

So, now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s explain the context of this experiment.

Butane has a boiling point of 0° Fahrenheit — for perspective, water boils around 210°Fahrenheit. Since butane is stored in metallic containers under extremely high pressure, it becomes liquid once the valve is pressed.

Liquid butane is not soluble, meaning it doesn’t dissolve. It will sit on the top layer of the Coca-Cola. Once mixed, the soda causes the butane to try and escape the bottle rapidly — creating a propulsion effect.

Ironically, this isn’t a chemical reaction — it’s actually the exact opposite. The butane doesn’t mix with the soda, so it literally turns to gas and evaporates. Chemical reactions occur when two substances combine.

The final product, however, does not leave the viewer disappointed. If you’ve never seen this experiment before, it definitely has some shock value.

What’s even better, is that we might have actually learned something out of such hijinks.